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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another Obama Funded Energy Company Going Bye Bye

Subsidies CAN NOT SAVE COMPANIES! Only the Free Market can.

Hey folks,

Last week we talked about the fact that some of those on the Left feel that we do not have a Market for "Green Energy" because the Government is not spending enough. Remember that? This guy, Carl Pope, Chairman, of the Sierra Club, laid out his plan to increase the "Green" Market. He said there are three steps. Creation, Manufacturing, and Selling. His main concern was the Manufacturing. He wishes we were more like China. I kid you not. He went into great lengths to explain how we are just not spending enough money. That we need to give these "Green Companies" MORE money and then there will be a Market for it.

Obviously this is an Ignorant point of view. If there is no Market, then it does not matter how much of a Product you have. If I'm trying to sell, well, ANYTHING, that no one wants, it doesn't matter if I increase my Manufacturing. I am making 1000 an hour, the Government comes along and gives me Millions to create 2000 an hour, if there is no Market, no one buying it, I will be making 2000 an Hour of things that will go and sit in a Warehouse. Eventually, the money will run out, and I will have to shut down.

Now we have talked about Wind, and Solar, along with other forms of "Green Energy." We have talked about the Cost, the fact they are NOT anywhere near a Mass Marketability. That they have not yet perfected ANYTHING. What to do when the Wind doesn't Blow, or the Sun doesn't shine. ETC. Well, one of the possible answers to this is said to be Flywheel Energy Storage Systems. The kind that Beacon Power of Tyngsboro, Mass., make. Beacon Power of Tyngsboro, Mass.,received a $24 Million Federal Stimulus Grant and a $43 Million Federal Loan Guarantee. So $67 MILLION of Tax Payers Money. You guessed it. They just filed for Bankruptcy. According to CNS News - Energy Firm That Got Federal Funds Declares Bankruptcy By RANDALL CHASE, Associated Press October 31, 2011

Beacon said its long-term financial prospects are strong, but that efforts to build its business have been capital intensive, and that those costs have contributed to operating losses.

The company also cited the current economic and political climate, the financing terms mandated by the Department of Energy, and its recent delisting notice from NASDAQ.
Once again folks, lets try it this way. I create a new Seat for Bikes. It is the most comfortable Seat out there. Everyone that has a Bike, wants my new Seat. GREAT. I succeed. I improve the Market. Everyone is happy. Now, lets say I come up with a new Saddle for Unicorns. I spend BILLIONS on it. It is much more comfortable than riding Bareback, or with Conventional Saddles. Have to make room for the Wings and such. I create Millions of these Saddles. I go Bankrupt. Why? THERE ARE NO UNICORNS. They do not exist. There is no Market to supply the Demand for. I can not create a Demand, just be creating a Supply. It is IMPOSSIBLE. All the money in the world, will not get my product to sell, if there is no Market for it. Subsidies CAN NOT SAVE COMPANIES! Only the Free Market can. If there IS a Demand, then there is a NEED for Supply.

This Administration is Hell bent on continuing to spend money on things that fail over and over again. We, the People need to stop this nonsense. We are the only ones that can, and we CAN, in 2012 at the Ballot Box. We do not have any money. We do not have Jobs, we are losing Homes, we are going more and more in debt DAILY. This Administration has spend MORE than this ENTIRE COUNTY has spent since 1776, in just the last THREE YEARS. Take a look around folks. We are FAR WORSE OFF THEN EVER! It is not working.

Once again, we have the answer. Once again, we have Historic FACT. We KNOW it works. Loose the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, let them do what they do, we WILL Create Jobs, Increase Revenue, INCREASE our National Security, and MAKE ENERGY AFFORDABLE TO ALL. It really IS just this simple. Stop throwing money away on failed ideas, and start investing in what WORKS. Oh, did I mention that it will cost the American Tax Payers, uh, NOTHING?

CNS News - Energy Firm That Got Federal Funds Declares Bankruptcy

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