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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Green Energy Investors Think Problem Is Communication?

It's not the Message, its the Market. THERE IS NONE.

Hey folks,

Yeah, according to a couple of Big Time Libs, the problem that the Green Dream has taking off is Communication. It's Messaging. It the fact that they are fragmented and not doing such a good job getting the Message out there that this is the way to go. I kid you not. But then again, these are two Libs that want to TAKE OVER the Green Dream, and make Billions of Dollars.

The two are Tom Steyer and Hemant Taneja. Tom Steyer is a Big Time Democratic Political Donor, who understands that, in reality, all the Green Dream is, is a money Laundering Scheme and a way to make Billions to line his Pocket.

Hemant Taneja is a Managing Director of General Catalyst Partners and a noted Clean-Tech Investor, who is already making Millions, and stands to make Billions more, if the two can pull this off.

They want to merge all the Green Industry Companies out there into ONE, giant United Front. A Chamber of Commerce for ALL Alternative Energy Companies out there, where THEY will decide the Message. They call their Company Advanced Energy Economy.

Hemant Taneja said this about their Organization.

"Fragmentation is exactly the problem we're trying to solve. There are issues that require the industry to come together in an organized fashion, and that just doesn't happen today."

"What we need is an open conversation. It's important to bring all the hidden costs to the surface."
In other words folks, they will lobby the Government to continue to fund this failing enterprise and continue to spend YOUR money on these Companies that should just pack up and go away. Of course, THEY will get rich while doing it.

They want ALL Companies to join them. Come UNDER them. Advanced Energy Economy will cast a wide net, including of course Wind, Solar, Battery, and even Nuclear Power Companies as well as Businesses that create Energy Efficient Buildings. All of which will pay DUES, to? Yup. You guessed it.

This will make these two guys Richer than they are. However, it will NOT create an Industry for ANY of the Companies that they will then represent. It's not the Message, its the Market. THERE IS NONE.

But hey, good luck to these two guys. If any of these "Green" Companies out there want to take a chance on them? Good luck to you as well. There is no Market out there. No amount of "Stimulus" nor Messaging, will change that.

San Fransisco Chronicle - Alternative energy companies form united front

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