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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Israel: Clock Ticking on Iran

Again, I don't blame them. I'm WITH them.

Hey folks,

According to the AP - Israeli president: Clock ticking on Iran

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's president says the international community is closer to pursuing a military solution to the standoff over Iran's nuclear program than a diplomatic one.

The remarks by Shimon Peres to Israel's channel 2 TV Friday were unusual because he is known as a dove and optimist.

Peres said world leaders need to "fulfill their promises" to stop Iran "whatever it takes." He said, "There is a long menu as to what can be done." He did not elaborate.
That is a DIRECT message to Obama. SANCTIONS WILL NOT WORK. DIPLOMACY WILL NOT WORK. Little Hitler {Mahmoud Ahmadinejad} wants NOTHING from Israel or us, but our DEATH. There is no negotiating with someone who's starting point is YOU DIE. As we have discussed IN DEPTH here over the years, sanctions mean nothing to Little Hitler. He said so. He will not stop his Nuclear Quest. He said so. He will wipe Israel off the Map. He said so. Death to the "Great Satin" {America} He said so. Israel is watching, and they are listening. Our President? Not so much.

The interview comes days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reported to be seeking ministers' support for a strike against Iran.

Israel, the U.S. and other nations suspect Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. Iran says its atomic program only has peaceful aims. Negotiations and sanctions have failed to resolve the standoff.
Again, I don't blame them. I'm WITH them. They need to do whatever it takes to defend themselves. We are their Ally. We NEED, not only to do whatever we need to do to help them, WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES. Iran is a THREAT. A clear and present danger. They are going full speed ahead to acquire a Nuke. They have every intention of USING it. They will not stop until they ARE stopped. It is just that simple.

AP - Israeli president: Clock ticking on Iran

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