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Thursday, November 17, 2011

47 Percent Want Obamacare Repealed

I agree with the 50 percent.

Hey folks,

A new Poll out there, I know, I know, Polls, but a new Poll out there says that 47 Percent want Obamacare repealed. They understand that it costs WAY too much, kills the best Healthcare system in the World, and is simple NOT sustainable. We do not want the Government deciding who gets what treatment, from what Doctor, when. We all understand that this will mean that some Government Bureaucrat, sitting in some office somewhere in DC, will be tasked with who lives and who dies.

The problem with Obamacare is a simple one to understand. It is not viable. It is NOT sustainable. So Rationing WILL be a MANDATORY necessity. We already know how they will do this. Obama and his Health Adviser already told us. Age will play a major factor, along with the cost of the Treatment. In the Words of Dr. Emanuel

"However, other things are rarely equal—whether to save one 20-year-old, who might live another 60 years, if saved, or three 70-year-olds, who could only live for another 10 years each—is unclear."
Remember him? That's right. He is Rahm Emanuel's Brother and one who helped in the creation of Obamacare. He said this also.

"We had a big controversy in the United States when there was a limited number of dialysis machines. In Seattle, they appointed what they called a 'God committee' to choose who should get it,"
AKA Death Panels. He is also the guy that wants to do away with the Hippocratic Oath. Costs to much to "Do not harm." Hell Obama told someone that their Grandma should just take a Pill and Die. Remember that? So we KNOW what is coming with Obamacare.

According to Reuters - More Americans than not want health law repeal: poll

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As the Supreme Court prepares to review President Barack Obama's healthcare reform, more Americans want to see it repealed than want to keep it, a poll released on Wednesday shows.

A Gallup survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults found that 47 percent favor the repeal of healthcare reform, versus 42 percent who want the law kept in place. Eleven percent had no opinion.
I wonder if the fact that nearly HALF this country is Unemployed right now had a factor? This may or may no surprise you. I agree with the 50 percent.

But the survey also showed that 50 percent of Americans believe the federal government has a responsibility to make sure everyone has health coverage, compared with 46 percent who do not.
Now I think we can all agree that for those US CITIZENS, big stipulation there, for those US CITIZENS who TRULY have no Healthcare, the Government SHOULD come up with something to help THOSE folks. That number is actually not that big. Cut out all those that are here Illegally, and those that do not have Healthcare due to their CHOICE, and what you have is somewhere around the size of Rush Limbaugh's Listening Audience. Somewhere around 20 Million people. That's IT.

No one in this country wants to see people die in the streets. People in this country, Legal or not, are NOT dieing in the streets. They just simply are not. EVERYONE in this country can go to the Hospital when needed, regardless of their ability to pay.

What we do need, is some kind of program to take care of those that do not have Health Insurance, that can not afford it. But we do NOT want a complete takeover of the ENTIRE Healthcare Industry, with the Government deciding who lives and who dies.

According to this piece:

The findings said 56 percent of adults continue to prefer private insurance versus 39 percent who would favor a government-run system. That compares with a 61 percent to 34 percent margin a year ago.
So although this is not being reported, AT ALL, or even talked about any more, STILL, 56 percent would rather leave this to the Free Market. It is in the hands of the Supreme Court now. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. Do away with this Nonsensical Government Overreach, and take a HUGE step in helping to reduce the Debt. Allow it to stand, and take a HUGE step in the direction we are already heading. The Death of America.

Reuters - More Americans than not want health law repeal: poll

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