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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sane Workable Policy, Insane More of The Same?

“The president’s proposals are a poor substitute for the pro-growth policies that are needed to remove barriers to job creation in America,”

Hey folks,

"So? is Speaker Boehner's plan a sane alternative, or more of the same political games we have come to know and not so much love in Washington? What say you?"

Well, Obama's Plan is more of the same. I have an honest question for you. Did we not have a $800 BILLION Spending and Jobs Plan? What did we get for that? Now, we are suppose to believe that HALF that amount, $400 Billion, is suppose to do ALL the things Obama is claiming?

Look, the truth is, this is NOT a Jobs Plan. This is a Tax Plan. EVERY Tax that Obama WANTS and HAS wanted is in this thing. He keeps saying "Pass this Jobs Plan NOW," but not one Democrat has introduced it. No one is debating it, because it is not on the Floor. Harry Reid is even said to have said, "I do not know what to do with this." All this is is a Tax Plan and one that FAILED to Pass when the Liberals were running EVERYTHING. But NOW Obama wants to blame Congress for not doing anything to Create Jobs. Truth is, it is OBAMA and Liberal Ideology that is KILLING Jobs, Hurting the Economy, and lowering National Security.

Speaker Boehner's Plan is simple. It will WORK. It is what YOU would do at your house. It is SIMPLE to understand WHY the Math WORKS. Cut Spending. Stop spending what you do not have. Cut out Waste, and reduce things that although you may LIKE, you just can not afford anymore. DOWNSIZE.

Obama is SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. However, he needs to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, YOUR money to Spend it. He produces nothing, sells nothing, adds nothing to the Market. All he CAN do is TAKE. Redistribution is what he is all about.

Another idea that I like from Speaker Boehner's Plan is “responsible spending to repair and improve infrastructure” which he feels that spending on Bridges and Highways should be tied to increased Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Extraction, and Producing. Of course the Libs will never go for that. They get WAY too much money from Environmental Groups and it would also go against their Green Movement Scam. But it makes sense.

What ever happened to all those Shovel Ready Jobs that were waiting and raring to go with the $800 Billion? You know, the ones Obama JOKES about not being there NOW, AFTER That money has been spent. On what? Now Obama wants more of the same, and is promising more of the same, that he NEVER delivered. He has only made matters FAR worse. So? Sane workable Policy, or Insane more of the same? Which would YOU prefer?

Washington Post Post Politics - Boehner says no new taxes for debt panel

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