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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Animal Testing, Cruelty, or Essential

Sorry, I say Cruelty.

Hey folks,

In today's Health and Science Segment, I want to talk about Animal Testing. Or as it is also known as Animal Trials. My wife Laura sent me this story about Nestlé, which makes Nestea, using Animal Trials. I will admit, I have a serious issue with what I read.

Now any of you that have known me longer than say, a day or so, {Smile} KNOW that I'm an Animal Lover. Truth is, I like Animals more than I like some People. So perhaps I'm a bit prejudice, but I see no need for this. As a matter of fact, I see it as Animal Cruelty. More on Nestlé in a second.

So Animal Testing, or Trails, are said to be extremely beneficial to Research and Development of new Drugs and certain Treatments for Humans and our well being. However, according to Frankie Trull, president of the nonprofit Foundation for Biomedical Research (a promoter of responsible animal testing), said that out of ALL the Mass Testing, only a fraction seem to translate into major Breakthroughs for Humans. He explains that

"Animals are surrogates for humans. The basic reason for animal trials is to determine two issues before any new compound is introduced into a human: safety and efficacy, whether a compound is safe for human ingestion and also whether or not a product works for its intended purpose."
Now according to this article from TIME - How Much Does Animal Testing Tell Us? By Laura Blue Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There is no question that, despite the excellent results that come out of lots of preclinical trials, the human is the ultimate animal model — and sometimes a potential downside to a new compound is not identified until it gets to a human.
So why torture the Animals? In order to see if a new Drug will "work for its intended purpose," say to cure Cancer, the Animal must first be GIVEN Cancer. Correct? If it is to help high Blood Pressure, of help Heart conditions, then the Animal will have to be given these conditions on top of being used as the "Guinea Pig" for the New Drug. Right? It is mostly just Mice though, right? No. According to this piece.

Then if a product or a compound is determined to be safe in a rodent, another species is used. For example, if it's a neurological compound, oftentimes the cat is the preferred model because the neurological system of the cat more closely mimics that of a human. If it's a cardiovascular study, it might be a dog (although dogs are not used as frequently as they might have been a decade ago, since scientists have determined that pigs also serve as excellent models for some cardiovascular work). Scientists really do try to go that extra mile to find the species that will most accurately mimic how the compound would work in a human.
But as this, and many other Sites I found talking about this, the ultimate test is when it is introduced to Humans. As you well know, there are many "Human Trails" going on all the time. Many people sign up for this. It is FREE for those taking part. If it works, then they are treated for free. If not, there is usually some compensation, for their time. But THAT is far better than guessing if it will, or will not work in Humans, even if it does in Mice.

So this brings me to the story that Laura sent me.

Experimenters injected mice with toxic chemicals in order to give them diabetes, then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before being decapitated. In still another test, mice bred to suffer brain damage and rapid aging were locked in dark chambers and given painful shocks to their extraordinarily sensitive feet before being killed. Doesn't sound like your cup of tea, does it?

The Food and Drug Administration does not require any of these experiments, and, in fact, U.S. and European regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove health claims about food and beverage products. Yet Nestea torments animals in cruel and deadly tests for just those reasons. Take a stand against animal testing by pledging to drink cruelty-free tea instead of Nestea.

Learn more about animal experimentation and Nestea's experiments to see just how horrific these deadly tea tests are. There is no excuse for forcing animals to suffer and die in laboratories, especially for tea.

We're calling on you to put down the bottle of Nestea and choose compassion instead. Take action now—urge Nestea to end the cruel experiments and institute a policy against conducting and funding animal tests for tea and tea ingredients.
Now to tell you the truth, I have never been a fan of Nestea. I'm more a Snapple, or now, Two If By Tea, kinda guy. So it will not be hard for me to abstain from drinking this Product. But here is why I have such a problem with this. It is NOT seeking a cure for Cancer. It is not trying to help Diabetes. There is no Medical reason whatsoever to do this. It is not even required. So WHY? What's the point?

I know some of you out there, and you know who you are, are going to say that I'm being hypocritical saying I will not buy this product because of this, yet I still eat Meat. I am doing what is natural for me to do. The Animals I eat, mostly Chicken, are humanely killed and are a source of nutrition for me and everyone else that eat them. They are NOT tortured to death for no apparent reason. I also do my best to make sure that the Meat I eat are from sources that treat the Animals with respect. Free Range and stuff like that.

Now do not misuderstand. I can see the point, I do not agree with it, but at least I can see the point of Medical Animal Testing. I get the Logic to it. Like I said, I do not like it, and I truly believe we could cut out the Animal, and go straight to the Human, as long as there are Volunteers. But I get that. I do NOT get Nestlé. I do not get Makeup Companies. I do not get ANY Animal Testing for ANY reason other than Medical.

Please also understand that I am not asking you to sign the Petition, or to Boycott Nestlé. You have to make your own choices on that matter. But I just do not get it.

TIME - How Much Does Animal Testing Tell Us? By Laura Blue Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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