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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

EPA Slapped By Obama?

What is funny about this, is that it was Obama that TOLD them to do it.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. Hope you all had a great three day Weekend. Now it's back to life, back to reality for most of us. Lets talk about REALITY. We all know that the Obama Administration, which means, Obama, wants to bankrupt the Coal Industry. He said so. We all know that he WANTS your Energy costs to Skyrocket. He said so. We all know that he likes $4.00 plus a gallon Gas. He said so. We all know he wants Cap and Tax. HE SAID SO.

We also know that his Cap and Tax Plan would never make it through EITHER House, even though when he was pushing for it, the Democrats had full control of both. We KNOW that even his own Party was not ready to Pass this insane Legislation. Even though they would have liked to, in the Economy the way it is, they KNEW that it would be a Death Nail in the Coffin of their Office position come the next Election.

So what is Obama to do? Give the Authority to the EPA to do it for him. The EPA put together a Cap and Tax Plan that they were ready to enforce. Which we also all know is not Constitutional for them to do so. But Obama put into Place a Puppet, Lisa P. Jackson, and had his cronies on the Court say that they had the Right to regulate "Green House Gasses," of which they Deemed CO2 one of. We all know that it is NOT. But hence, here we were.

So what does the EPA do? They do what they were told to. They come up with a Plan that WOULD, do EXACTLY what Obama wants yet cannot do himself. Then YOU found out about it. The EPA's new Plan WOULD kill Millions of jobs while adding $1 Trillion a year in new Compliance Costs that would have effected 85 percent of the Country's Energy Producers. Get that number folks. 85 percent of the country would've been in noncompliance with the stricter Standards. But the real reason? Of course it is not to save the Planet. The real reason behind it is the $1 Trillion a year in new Compliance Costs. That's a whole lot of money that Obama and Crew would love to get their hands on.

So what happened? YOU. YOU happened. You got informed. You understand that this is ALL Obama. We have a Double Dip Housing Recession, Record High Unemployment, the Economy is tanking, Trillions spend and matters are worse, and blaming Bush will not work if the EPA goes through with what Obama has already SAID he WANTS. SO?

The White House sent a letter to the EPA saying "Uh, hold on. Uh, forget about it. They are not as stupid as we thought. They are going to blame me for this. We have an Election coming up, and uh, my numbers are in the tank. So forget it. Just uh, never mind." Oh course he didn't SAY that in so many words, but he DID ask them to drop it. To rein it in. According to The Wall Street Journal - Obama Asks EPA to Pull Ozone Rule By DEBORAH SOLOMON and TENNILLE TRACY

President Barack Obama, citing the struggling economy, asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to withdraw an air-quality rule that Republicans and business groups said would cost millions of jobs.
It WOULD! It's not just Politics at play here. It WOULD.

The surprise move—coming on the same day as a dismal unemployment report—reflected the energy industry's importance as a rare bright spot in adding U.S. jobs. The tighter standards for smog-forming ozone could have forced states and cities to limit some oil-and-gas projects.
Imagine if we let the Industry DO what they DO. We already talked about this. Just this one Industry would, if the Government got out of the way, CREATE Hundreds of thousands of Jobs, Increase Revenue the RIGHT way, to all Government. Local, State, and Federal. It WOULD increase American Security, and it would DECREASE the Costs for ALL Americans for their Energy Use. I love this next Paragraph. It is a Rare Total Truth as highlighted by the Mainstream Media.

In making the move, the White House clearly judged that it had more to lose from industry and Republican criticism than it had to gain from environmental groups who support the rule.
{Laughing} Yup. Folks, the truth is simple here. What is funny about this, is that it was Obama that TOLD them to do it. Now he layeth the Smackth Downth on their Candy Ass? So he can look like he cares? So he can say "Hey, it wasn't me, it was the EPA, and I told them not to do it?" But him play Politics? I thought he was above all that? {Smile}

The EPA's January 2010 proposal, to tighten air-quality standards to a level below that adopted under President George W. Bush and even further below what most states now adhere to, has been cited for months by industry groups and lawmakers as "regulatory overreach" that they say is undercutting the economic recovery. Republican presidential candidates have routinely criticized the EPA in stump speeches.

Mr. Obama said in a statement that he remains committed to public health and clean air, but he added, "I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover."
You know, just as a side note out there. This is the same sort of thing that should tell you all you need to know about Global Warming itself. Seriously. We are told that if we do nothing the World will end. We will turn into some great big ball of fire and our children will all die. Every Ten years or so, they tell us we only have like ten years. Then they have World Conferences to talk about it, they agree to talk more about it in the Future. If they REALLY believed that we were facing a REAL threat. NOTHING ELSE would matter.

If I was sitting here, drinking my Coffee, watching the News, and they said that there was a Fire, a mile from my house and it was coming straight at me, THAT IS ALL THAT WOULD MATTER. I would NOT go to work. Josh would NOT go to School. Laura and I would be focused on ONE thing. Attempting to save our home, or getting the hell out of the way if we couldn't. I would not be worried about paying the Electric Bill, what I had to do a work that day, or Joshua's attendance record at his School. I would not be worried about ANYTHING ELSE.

But, just like with Global Warming itself, when the Money goes away, so do they. They take their ball, and they go home. There is NO money right now. The Economy is in the Tank. Grandma in NY will have to decide how to heat her home. The Single Mom will not be able to pay for Gas just to go to work. People on Fixed Incomes, the Poor and the Elderly will be forced to eat Cat Food Sandwiches because of their Skyrocketing Energy Costs. Obama will NOT be saddled with THAT. That is something the Left LOVE to use against Republicans. So since there is no money out there, Obama wants to reel it in. Don't do it. STOP! It is now, and always has been, about nothing more than Power, Control, and all that Money. No money, never mind.

Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, said the move suggests the White House "is becoming more sensitive to the uncertainty created by their heavy regulatory hand.…They are beginning to understand that the regulatory burden does more to chill job creation than just about anything else out there."

Oil-and-gas extraction added 1,700 jobs in August, according to the Labor Department. Halliburton Co., which services the oil-and-gas industry, said recently it planned to add 11,000 jobs in the U.S. this year.

Manufacturing, another sector that would have been affected by the rule, lost 3,000 jobs in August but had been adding an average 14,000 jobs a month.

The White House left open the possibility that the standard could be tightened in 2013, when the rule will be reconsidered as part of a five-year review required by the Clean Air Act.
These are just FACTS folks. API President and CEO Jack Gerard also said this:

"The President's decision is good news for the economy and Americans looking for work. EPA's proposal would have prevented the very job creation that President Obama has identified as his top priority. Ozone levels and air quality continue to improve under current regulations, and our industry is committed to making the air we all breathe cleaner while creating new jobs."
By the way, can you tell me what 2013 is? Anyone? Boys and Girls, say it with me, 2013 is AFTER the Election. Yeah. There you go. Good Job. If this guy gets Reelected? Guess what? He'll have NOTHING to lose. This is just one thing he will go for broke with. This will all come back. Now this goes on and on. The Environmentalist, and the Libs are not happy. Lisa Jackson said that the EPA will consider Obama's Request. We all know they will back off. Obama said so. And they give us COMPLETELY Bogus and made up numbers. This many lives would be saved, ETC. But the bottom line Obama did the RIGHT thing here. Yeah, it's purely Political, but so was his attempt to destroy the Private Energy Sector. But do not be fooled folks, Obama has not seen the light here, he is just waiting to be reelected. Pure and Simple.

The Wall Street Journal - Obama Asks EPA to Pull Ozone Rule

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