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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Iran Nuclear Ambitions Are Real? Really?

I had no idea.

Hey folks,

{Sigh} Seriously? Iran is attempting to build Nukes? I had no idea.
AP - UN: Credible evidence Iran working on nuke weapons By GEORGE JAHN Associated Press

VIENNA (AP) -- The U.N. nuclear agency said Friday it is "increasingly concerned" about a stream of intelligence suggesting that Iran continues to work secretly on developing a nuclear payload for a missile and other components of a nuclear weapons program.

In its report, the International Atomic Energy Agency said "many member states" are providing evidence for that assessment, describing the information it is receiving as credible, "extensive and comprehensive."
Like building and Launching Missiles? Like hidden Nuclear Facilities? Like Little Hitler himself saying that he WILL Wipe Israel Off the Map and Death to the Great Satin, America? Really? They might have credible evidence?

The restricted 9-page report was made available Friday to The Associated Press, shortly after being shared internally with the 35 IAEA member nations and the U.N. Security Council. It also said Tehran has fulfilled a pledged made earlier this year and started installing equipment to enrich uranium at a new location - an underground bunker that is better protected from air attack than its present enrichment facilities.
The rest of this basically just goes on to say that Iran, who is now in charge of OPEC, is under many Sanctions, Iran claims they are peaceful. Other reports may have been inaccurate. You think?

Other findings of the report, prepared for a session of the IAEA's 35-nation board of governors starting Sept. 12 included:

- Confirmation of reports by diplomats to the AP that Iran has started setting up uranium enriching centrifuges at Fordow, a fortified facility dug into a mountain near the holy city of Qom. Iran intends to use Fordow to triple its 20-percent enrichment of uranium - a concern because that level is easier to turn into weapons grade uranium quickly than its main stockpile of low enriched uranium at 3.5 percent.

- Further accumulation of both low-enriched and higher enriched or 20 percent uranium. The report said Iran had now accumulated more than four tons of low enriched uranium and over 70 kilograms - more than 150 pounds - of higher enriched material. Those two stockpiles give it enough enriched uranium to make up to six nuclear warheads, should it choose to do so.
Should it choose to do so? That is the WHOLE POINT! They WILL do so. Why do you think this is being done in a Mountain instead of out in the open? Easier to protect it from attacks.

Folks, I have followed Little Hitler for YEARS. From his rise to power, to his current quest to acquire Nukes and his desire to USE them. I know Little Hitler better than he knows himself, let alone the "Experts" that continue to play PC and Politics. While Obama and Crew invite Iran to a Hot Dog BBQ, Little Hitler just keeps smiling, waving, and saying "What? We are a Peaceful People. We love everyone. Well, except Israel, Gays, uh, America, and anything non-Muslim. Death to all you. What? We are Peaceful."

NOW we learn from the Experts, that maybe, just MAYBE, they are not being totally honest with us on their Intent? {Sigh} I'm really glad we have EXPERTS to tell us these things. Other wise, we would be completely clueless.

AP - UN: Credible evidence Iran working on nuke weapons

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