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Sunday, September 04, 2011

DLA For Sunday 090411

The Truth is the TRUTH. No matter what source it comes from.

Hey folks,

I now some of you are not going to like this. Actually, for some VERY specific reasons. One, the source. I do not know, well, no I do. Jealousy. She is HOT. OK, I have a serious question. Can ANYONE point out a Hot Liberal Woman to me. I'm actually seriously asking. Republican Women in Politics are HOT. Where are the Liberal Women? Anyway, the other reason some of you will not like this is because she is telling the TRUTH. The Truth is the TRUTH. No matter what source it comes from. As we all know, the TRUTH is not a friend of Obama and Crew.

So Obama SAYS he is all about JOBS. Yet, his actions, with the exception of smacking down the EPA, his actions say different. He is still encouraging a De Facto Moratorium on New Exploration and Drilling. He sues States that are trying to get Union Thuggery under control. He is currently blocking an AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile which WOULD bring 5,000 Call Center Jobs back to U.S. He might SAY he is all about Jobs. But he is not.

So here is another example. Boeing is set to build the new 787 Dreamliner. They intend to build it in a Boeing Plant in South Carolina which will bring an additional 1,000 Jobs to the State. Problem? The Plant in South Carolina is Non-Union. The Union wants the new 787 Dreamliner to be built in the State of Washington which, say it with me, IS Union.

So what is Obama's Opinion on this? {Laughing} Yeah I know. But play along with me. What is his Opinion? We do not know. He is being silent about the whole thing. So the Governor of the Great State of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, DOES have an Opinion.

“This president works for us. This president owes us an answer. This president owes Boeing an answer. This president owes every business in this country an answer on what he thinks of the NLRB. If he is supportive of them, say he is supportive of them. If he thinks what they are doing is wrong, say what you think is wrong. But to be silent is cowardly and is just something that is unacceptable for the president of our country."
Haley also called the NLRB “un-American” and “a rogue agency.” ALL Unions now a days are nothing more than Thugs. They are Legal Organized Crime Organizations. They come into a work place, attempt to threaten the Employer to give Workers Unreasonable and, at times, unsustainable Pay and Benefits. They EXTORT Employers and Local Governments into doing things they would NOT normally do. They TAKE money from Workers to line the Pockets of Union Bosses and funnel money straight into the Democrat Party.

So here is another example of a Politician standing up for what is RIGHT for their State and their People, and once again, Obama is taking the Side of the Thugs. Once again, Obama is taking the side of those on the WRONG side. I know, we are talking about a WHITE, FEMALE, so Obama doesn't care what she thinks or says. But she is RIGHT. Obama remaining Silent on this IS cowardly. But that is who Obama IS.

Congratulations Gov. Nikki Haley. For sticking up for your Constituents, understanding the TRUTH, and having the courage to come right out and call Obama on it, you ARE the Winner of the display of Logic Award for Today, Sunday, September 4th, 2011. Keep it up. You REALLY want do get Obama to comment, try to get on Rush Limbaugh's Radio Program. He likes Pretty Women too. {Smile} They are ALWAYS listening to that. {Smile}

Sources: - Gov. Haley: Obama Silence on NLRB 'Cowardly' Friday, 02 Sep 2011 02:18 PM By David A. Patten

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