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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obama Pushed, Pressured General To Lie

"Forget Safety or what is Legal, we have to pay him back" Is THAT what Obama said?

Hey folks,

Those of you who have heard of 4G, raise your hands. Good. Look at that. Chances are, you would LOVE to use a 4G Network for FAR cheaper than you are now. Well, there is a Company out there with new Technology and the ability to make that happen. Their name? LightSquared.

There is a little bit of a bug though. Turns out it interferes with GPS. Yes, that little box on your dash, or on your Phone, but also Ships, the Military, Air force, Comical Air Flights, ETC. It actually FRIES their systems.

Now the biggest investor in this is Philip Falcone who invested $3 BILLION Dollars into this. He is also a BIG Obama Supporter, and a Contributor to the Democrat Party in General. So along with Pushing Through the $500 Million to Solyndra, Obama was pushing for this to be authorized for widespread use. So Congress is Investigating.

In walks Four Star Air Force General William Shelton, who oversees Air Force Space Command, and says the White House tried to pressure him to change his Testimony to make it more favorable to LightSquared. Would this NOT be tampering with a Witness. Is this NOT a Crime?

I know, that never stopped Obama before. What is it? Like TWO Judges have ruled Obamacare Unconstitutional? He came right out and said that he REFUSES to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, Illegal Immigration, and even SUES States that will not fall in line with his Agenda. So who cares if it's Illegal. This guy paid Obama a lot of Money, and Obama wants MORE, so screw Safety and the Security of this Country. His Friend has to be taken care of.

While he is at it, he could also Speed up those Other 15 Loans floating around out there to OTHER "Green Energy" Companies that are destined to FAIL. This guy, Obama, doesn't give a Rat's Behind about Legal, Moral, or even listening to his own advisers who keep telling him to NOT do it. But then again, his new Economic Adviser SAID that extending Unemployment will further the problem. What does Obama do, EXTEND it another year.

Now it seems that he is guilty of attempted Coercion of a Witness? Like I keep telling you folks, there is only TWO possibilities to explain Obama's actions. Either he is doing all this on Purpose, or he really is, just this stupid. The end result is the same. So I'm not sure which is worse. Nor am I sure it matters.
Peter coerced

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