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Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama Dissed By Everyone

"I bet you are so proud of your guy. Showing complete disrespect to the President of the United States. You and the rest of the teabaggers must be so proud."

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya.

JB, I AM proud of John Boehner, Speaker of the House. He finally showed he has some kahunas. Your right JB. It was a sign of complete disrespect. But it was Obama. It was Obama showing complete disrespect to the Republicans, and the American People who want to get to know the Republican Candidates better.

Lets look at the FACTS JB. Fact one, the Republican Debate has been scheduled for a while. NBC has already secured Sponsors, contracts have been signed, schedules have been completed, formats set. This has been a done deal for a while.

Along comes Obama, who sees his approval PLUMMETING! He needs something, anything, to help him get back some of the people, mostly Independents, who are fleeing in droves. So he announces his Campaign Speech, the SAME TIME, SAME DATE, as the Republican Debate. This was Kindergarten stuff. Obama jumping up and down on the Playground saying "look and me, look at me." It was an attempt to make him look more important than any possible opponent. The optics were suppose to show him as the Big Man with a Plan, and the Republicans as radical, children, playing games and talking trash, while HE is here to solve problems and look out for the little guy.

Why did it not work? Because EVERYONE knows this is NOT a Jobs Speech. This is nothing more than blame EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, of course, don't forget Bush, for all the problems HE has intensified and created. Yes, he will blame Hurricanes, Earthquakes, the Republicans, Evil Business Owners, and the Rich. He will call for an increase in taxation for the Rich. He will say that you can keep that $7.00 to $10.00 bucks extra in your Pay Check. He will call for an extension in Unemployment. He will call for even MORE spending. It's the same old same old that has made EVERYTHING WORSE.

Now a Friend of mine DID tell me that he may call for Legislation, or some kind of Policy to FORCE Businesses to hire people even if they do not need them or can afford them. I'm waiting to see if he actually goes through with that. He believes, according to my friend, that he can FORCE Businesses to hire, so that Jobs will be created. I'll wait to see if he is that stupid before I comment further on that one.

But there will be nothing new. Everyone know that. That's why people are just telling him, "Put your plan in writing, and send it to Congress so we can read it and debate it." But no, no, no. He is going to give this big Speech to the Nation during a join Session of Congress.

But JB? It's not just the Republicans in the House. How do you feel about the NFL? Seriously. The NFL is also dissing Obama. He wanted to have his Speech Prime Time. But he can't. The Networks said NO. Why? Because of the NFL' s Season Opener between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints. {Laughing} They KNOW people would rather watch FOOTBALL than listen to this Cry Baby Moron we have as a President.

So JB. You are RIGHT. It was purely Political, disrespectful, and an act of disgrace. Obama is a child. It was no one else here but Obama. Everything else was scheduled WELL in advance. I like THIS link better: Washington Post - Obama will address Congress at 7 p.m. next Thursday Just the facts JB. Just the facts.

Have a great Weekend folks. See you soon.

Washington Post - Obama will address Congress at 7 p.m. next Thursday

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