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Friday, October 08, 2010

Firefighters and City Manager Should Be Charged

OR at least the Chief.

Hey folks,

This one REALLY ticks me off. More than you could possibly know.

"Do you believe this shit!!!! Salisbury Mills Fire Dept would never just stand there over $75.00 How any fireman could do that is beyond me!!!"
NO! I do not believe it. Yes, I was a Salisbury Mills Fireman. I was certified in Search and Rescue. That means I was one of those that run INTO the Fire to Save people and property. I would have NEVER even IMAGINED anything like this possible.

Now Salisbury Mills Fire Department IS VOLUNTEER. That means I did this, and all those in VOLUNTEER Fire Companies around the Country, do this for FREE. We do not get paid, and in most cases, they are run solely on DONATIONS.

But that is not what we are talking about here. No, TAXES go to support Fire Services. The EXCUSE is that County Residence do not pay City Tax, therefore they are not entitled to City Services. I do not CARE. Where do the County Taxes go? What do you get for your money?

Here is one of the MANY Links out there. This is just the one sent in.

The Upshot - Rural Tennessee fire sparks conservative ideological debate

Just about anything can be fodder for an ideological dispute these days. Just consider news of the recent fire at Gene Cranick's home in Obion County, Tenn.

Here's the short version of what happened: In rural Obion County, homeowners must pay $75 annually for fire protection services from the nearby city of South Fulton. If they don't pay the fee and their home catches fire, tough luck -- even if firefighters are positioned just outside the home with hoses at the ready.

Gene Cranick found this out the hard way.

When Cranick's house caught fire last week, and he couldn't contain the blaze with garden hoses, he called 911. During the emergency call, he offered to pay all expenses related to the Fire Department's defense of his home, but the South Fulton firefighters refused to do anything.

They did, however, come out when Cranick's neighbor -- who'd already paid the fee -- called 911 because he worried that the fire might spread to his property. Once they arrived, members of the South Fulton department stood by and watched Cranick's home burn; they sprang into action only when the fire reached the neighbor's property.

"I hadn't paid my $75 and that's what they want, $75, and they don't care how much it burned down," Gene Cranick told WPSD, an NBC affiliate in Kentucky. "I thought they'd come out and put it out, even if you hadn't paid your $75, but I was wrong."
Now some want to turn this into Political Debate. Conservatism Vs Liberalism. NO ONE CARES! That's the point. I do not care if it is City Policy, how long it has been in place, or WHY it is in place. If you are going to respond to some, yet not all, based on $75 bucks, then you are just flat out WRONG. Respond to all, or none. But then again, even THAT doesn't matter in this case. THEY WERE THERE!

They were watching this Home burn to the ground. They WATCHED as three Dogs and a Cat died in the fire. That is inexcusable to me. When you are a Firefighter, it is your MORAL DUTY to protect life and property. What if there was someone in the Home? Would they have let them DIE for $75 bucks that the Homeowner said he would pay? These leaders that follow this insane rule are SCUM. The Chief, City Manager, and perhaps even the Mayor and Council should be FIRED and CHARGED with Animal Cruelty. This policy needs to be banished to the neverlands where it should have stayed to begin with.

Perhaps the County Residence should look into creating their OWN Volunteer or County Fire Company. It can be done. As I said, I was part of one. If they are not allowed to, then the existing Fire Companies need to RESPOND! Oh yeah, AFTER they respond, they need to PUT THE FIRE OUT!

Talk Politics all you want. Use this as Political Fodder. That will not bring back the guy's home or the three Dogs and a Cat that died in the fire. That will do nothing for the NEXT Resident that has a Fire. This NEEDS to be dealt with. Dealt with NOW.

I'm not kidding. This Policy needs to be done away with, and those in charge need to be CHARGED. Imagine if these Firefighters ACTUALLY put out the Fire? Saved the Animals? Going against the Leadership and the "Policy?" They would be NATIONAL HEROES now, instead of being seen as SCUM of the Earth. Some rules really were made to be broken.

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Anne Green said...

Someone has to pay for the trucks, equipment, building, and insurance for the volunteers.

I agree this is ridiculous. But is it any more ridiculous than a dieing person being turned away from medical care?

We pay taxes so that the government can provide certain basic services. Services that we all can not usually afford to cover ourselves. (Buffet and Gates excluded...)

Believe it or not there ARE people who honestly can not afford $75. a year. These same people also can not afford health insurance or care. How they got to this point in their lives may be their fault, or may be circumstances beyond their control. Who decides? How do they decide?

It's a conundrum. I am grateful I do not have to be the person who looks at someone and says. I'm sorry your house is burning but we're not allowed to help because you can't pay. I'm grateful I am not the one who has to tell the parents of a deaf child that the surgery that will allow them to hear again is elective and that their insurance doesn't cover it.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful that these kinds of problems do not effect my family directly... but I'm sad for those who are not as fortunate.

Peter said...

Hey Anne,

Welcome Back.

Anne Green said...

Someone has to pay for the trucks, equipment, building, and insurance for the volunteers.

Your right. Salisbury Mills Fire Company has been around a lot longer than I. They just bought a brand new Truck. They ain't cheap. But they have been around so long, and able to do this, not because of some MANDATE, or FORCED Bill. They do so by Donations. By the kindness of others.

The difference is this. If you EDUCATE someone as to why they should, and teach them why it's the right thing to do, they WILL. NOT by the Government FORCING people into Behaviour that the Government wants them to do.

I agree this is ridiculous. But is it any more ridiculous than a dieing person being turned away from medical care?

Interesting. You've taken this post and turned in into Obamacare. I'll respond to this aspect of it on the Big Sunday Edition.

Believe it or not there ARE people who honestly can not afford $75. a year.

They shouldn't have to. There should be no extortion at all. Pay or else. That is not the right way to go. That is my point. Again, I'll comment on the Healthcare aspect Sunday.