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Friday, October 01, 2010

Paladino Being A Dad

Any respectable Dad would feel the same.

Hey folks,

"What do you think of this? I don't blame him. But do you think he crossed the line?"
NO! Who I think crossed the line was the Reporter who was at his Ten Year Old Daughter's Bedroom Window. THAT is who I think crossed the line. I would feel the same way. Any respectable Dad would feel the same.

Look, Paladino came right out and told everyone, that He was Married with three kids at the time of his Daughter's birth. A product of an affair with her Mother TEN YEARS ago. He also allowed and set up his Wife, Cathy, for a string of Interviews in the past week in which she was asked about the young Girl. We already know what there is to know. There is no reason that the Media should be at his Daughter's house.

Remember Obama?

"I think peoples families are off limits and people's children are especially off limits."
So Paladino was open and honest about his affair, yet the Media STILL wants to harass this LITTLE GIRL and her Mother? No wonder he grew visibly angry and said stop it.

"My daughter is off limits.”
But we know that this is PURELY Political. Andrew Cuomo is ACTUALLY in trouble in NY. That was not suppose to happen. So just like when an army of Reporters descended on a Small Town in Alaska to dig up any kind of dirt they could on Palin, yet ignored ANY AND EVERYTHING about Obama, they are doing what the Liberals do. They attack that of which they fear. They couldn't really find anything on Palin, so they went with the mantra that she is an Idiot and doesn't know anything. That is what they are doing in NY. He already shared the Affair. Yet they are still harassing this little Girl and her family, yet ignoring Cuomo all together.

I got news for ya. I'm a proud Papa. I have a Son, one on the way, and I helped raise my Niece and an "Adopted" Daughter. If I ever caught ANYONE standing at my kid's Bedroom Window? No warning would be issued. I can assure you of that. Especially AFTER I have already been open and honest about them. No my friends, if you want to come after me for something, PLEASE feel free. If I put myself in a position that open me up to public scrutiny, I need to expect that. But go after my family? Yeah, we WILL have a problem.

I applaud Paladino. I'm glad he shows some Cojones. I'm tired of wishy washy Republicans that just lay down and take it. Don't think he can win in NY? I got two words for ya. Chris Christie.

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Jack Reylan said...

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