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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leftist Judge Rules Obama Gov can force US Citizens to buy its products

You will be good Citizen and do whatever the Government says.

Hey folks,

Well, according to this Leftist Activist Judge, runner up for the Idiot of the Week, the Government CAN force you to buy anything they want. But since this IS all about Health, and some out there, Anne Green being one of them, thinks that Obamacare is GREAT, lets look at this in the Health and Science Segment.

As Sher Zieve penned in a piece over at

In a decision that reads more like leftist talking points than a judgment based upon any true and sound legal determination based upon the US Constitution, Clinton appointed “Judge” George C. Steeh has ruled that the commerce clause gives the federal government the “right” to compel any and all citizens whom it wishes and to buy any and all demanded products whether they want them or not. In other words, the Marxist Judge Steeh has ruled that the US Constitution no longer precludes slavery of its citizens.
Tell us what you really think Sher. {Smile} But she is RIGHT! She goes on to quote the Judge.

Apparently basing his decision, in large part, upon his own ideology (or that of his masters) rather than any real and true constitutional issue, Steeh gives Congress (and the Executive branch?) carte blanche to use the commerce clause for anything it desires when he writes: “decisions to forego insurance coverage in preference to attempting to pay for health care out of pocket drive up the cost of insurance. The costs of caring for the uninsured who prove unable to pay are shifted to health care providers, to the insured population in the form of higher premiums, to governments, and to taxpayers. . . . These decisions, viewed in the aggregate, have clear and direct impacts on health care providers, taxpayers, and the insured population who ultimately pay for the care provided to those who go without insurance.” Note: This and Steeh’s other highly-biased observations smack of social engineering rather than the upholding of the US Constitution.

Leftist “Judge” Steeh’s ruling also not-so-slyly makes the determination that begins the process for Congress to now “legally” force citizens (aka “bond-servants” and/or “slaves”) to do anything it so determines and gives the ruling class full sway over the lives and actions of We-the-People. Questions: Are we now to be known as the puppets of the ruling political class? Or, have we always been referred to as such by them?

Said ruling class is now beginning to fight We-the-People with everything it has at its disposal. Members of this ruling class are counting on our compete subjugation, have thrown down their gauntlet in front of us and continue to tell us that we can do nothing to stop them. Thus far, they have not been stopped by any elected officials and few-to-none have even tried to do so.
This is why I and many others TOLD you that America itself is at stake. It is even more so now coming up in a couple of Weeks. The sad thing is that some ACTUALLY believe in this FAILED Ideology. Anne responded on my Friday Post talking about the Fire Company watching as the Guy's Home burned down and his Animals perished. She turned it into Obamacare. Here is her comment.
Anne Green said...
Someone has to pay for the trucks, equipment, building, and insurance for the volunteers.
I responded to that there.

I agree this is ridiculous. But is it any more ridiculous than a dieing person being turned away from medical care?

We pay taxes so that the government can provide certain basic services. Services that we all can not usually afford to cover ourselves. (Buffet and Gates excluded...)
First, we do NOT have people being turned away for their inability to pay. We do not have people dying in the streets. Do we need to fix our Healthcare System where those that can not pay, have help? Sure. No one denies that. Of course we can come up with a better method. However, DESTROYING the Greatest Healthcare system on the face of the planet is not the answer. More on this in a second.

Second, your falling for the Class Warfare thing is showing here. I know, I know, Rich means evil. So why are you happy that you are more well off than others?

Believe it or not there ARE people who honestly can not afford $75. a year. These same people also can not afford health insurance or care. How they got to this point in their lives may be their fault, or may be circumstances beyond their control. Who decides? How do they decide?

It's a conundrum. I am grateful I do not have to be the person who looks at someone and says. I'm sorry your house is burning but we're not allowed to help because you can't pay. I'm grateful I am not the one who has to tell the parents of a deaf child that the surgery that will allow them to hear again is elective and that their insurance doesn't cover it.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful that these kinds of problems do not effect my family directly... but I'm sad for those who are not as fortunate.

10:01 AM
OK. I go to the Doctor, the Doctor says, "You are in need of ABC. If you do not get ABC. You could die." Blue Cross {Just using for an example here} says "No. You are too old and the possibility of ABC working is not worth the cost." OK. Now I have a choice to make. I can go to the Church. To this Charity or that one. I could hold a fundraiser. Whatever. I get the money, I go back to the Doctor and say "Here is the cost, I want ABC." Doctor preforms the service, I live.

Why do you think that so many come HERE to have major life saving operations? Because their own Healthcare system says no. OR their own Healthcare system is UNABLE to preform it.

Now this is all going to change. Now if your Doctor says "You are in need of ABC. If you do not get ABC. You could die." Now the Government says "No. You are too old and the possibility of ABC working is not worth the cost." That's it. The Government has the final say. It will be ILLEGAL for the Doctor to preform the procedure without permission from the Federal Government. If something goes wrong, the cost of liability and all that. Where do you go now? There is nowhere to go. The Government will now decide who lives and who dies.

The Constitution is VERY Clear on this issue. Regardless of what this Moronic Judge says. The Constitution is greater than he. The Government can NOT force ANYONE to Purchase ANYTHING. This whole argument of the concept of Auto Insurance is a myth. If you do not have a Car, you are not required to have Auto Insurance. Obamacare is MANDATED for EVERYONE. And YES, you will lose your Health Coverage that you have now, and ENJOY. It is inevitable. It is PLANNED that way. The Government will oppress Insurance Companies with Taxes, Penalties, and Regulations, to the point they will have no choice but to go out of business, or raise their costs to the point that you can not afford them. Only one place to go from there, Obamacare.

We hear stories all the time about things like the Deaf Child not being able to afford the surgery that will allow them to hear again. Their Insurance says that it is elective and that they will not cover it. We hear these stories of how entire Communities come together, from the Donation Box at the Bank, to the Fund Raising Spaghetti Dinner at the local Knights of Columbus, to the generosity of Wealthier Americans, the little Girl gets the surgery. I would rather believe in and rely on the generosity of REAL people than I would rely on the Government that doesn't care if I live or die. But if there is NO OPTION, then all that generosity becomes null and void.

Folks, this is why November is SO VERY IMPORTANT. This Liberal Insanity needs to be stopped. We have seen all these things before. In other countries all around the world. THEY FAIL EVERY TIME THEY ARE TRIED. Look at Cuba. Look at Greece. Look at England. All these places are getting away, VERY slowly, but they are getting away from their failed Liberal Agendas. Private Clinics are opening, for those that can afford them, more and more companies are being Privatized, and FREEDOM and Capitalism is on the rise. Yet? We here in America, under this Regime? We are heading right down that FAILED road so many are trying to escape from. It must be stopped.


Anonymous said...

FYI: Sher Zieve is a "she" not a "he".

Peter said...

My sincere apologies to Sher Zieve. I will correct that at once. Love the name. I guess I should have did a bit of research on the writer before I made an assumption.

Thank you for setting the record Straight.

Frisko said...

The photo in this article is that of Federal Judge Steehs father. He is a Circut Court Judge. Judge Steeh you published in the photo, was the first Democratic Judge appioned by William Miliken Republican Govenor of Michigan.

Peter said...

Hey frisko,

Welcome to the OPNTalk Blog. Thanks for the info.