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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Liberals in Trouble, Attack, Attack, Attack.

Typical Liberal BS

Hey folks,

Happy Thursday to you. Yes, all this is, is typical Liberal BS. Typical Election year garbage. Further the false notion and stereotype that Conservatives are Racist, Bigoted, Chauvinistic, Homophobes, and Liberals are pure as the wind driven Snow. Also further proof, as if anyone needs it, that Liberals attack that of which they fear.

So it's 2010. What did you do or say, 6 years ago? Was it really that bad? Why would someone bring it up 6 years later? Where have they been FOR 6 years? More importantly, does it even matter?

What I'm talking about, is the rise in power and notoriety, of Conservative Sen. Jim DeMint. He is without a doubt on track to beat his opponent Democrat Alvin Greene in South Carolina. Greene? Yup, THAT one. The guy that the Grand Jury indicted on a Felony charge of showing Pornography to a South Carolina College Student. INDICTED! Not speculated. Not some obscure comment 6 years ago. Actually CHARGED with a Felony. I know, I know, surely the charges against Alvin Greene are purely Racist and Bush’s fault. I get it. But Jim DeMint? How DARE he?

So what is this offensive remark that only took 6 years to come out, or come back? Talking about openly Gay people, he said that he believed that they should not be Teaching in Public Schools. He said

"We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values."
HOW DARE HE?!?!? How horrible. He thinks that Public Schools should be about KIDS learning the "Three Rs." He also said this.

"I would have given the same answer when asked if a Single Woman, who was Pregnant and living with her Boyfriend, should be hired to teach my third grade children."
Imagine that. He wants his kids LEARNING the basics. Not dealing with Homosexuality, Wedlock, well, basically SEX in General. He believes that Schools should be teaching our Kids how to read their Diploma by the time they Graduate. That ain't happening more and more. But they can tall you why Susie has two Mommies.

Folks, I still do not get it. I do not share what I do in the Bedroom. WHAT IS THE OBSESSION with Gays to share theirs? I'm serious. WHY DOES IT MATTER? I do not care what you do in your bedroom. I do not need to KNOW what you do in your bedroom. I'm sorry, but if I'm walking down the road, you have no idea. Nor should you. Why do you feel the NEED to come up to me and shove it down my throat that you are doing your own kind in the Bedroom? Why do you feel the need to tell me I have to accept it? Some people have not accepted some of my choices over the years. I did not shove it down any one's throat. I was just ME. People came to accept me or not, based on ME, just being ME.

I do not care what the Teacher does in their Bedrooms. But the Kids need not hear it. When I went to school, I had no idea what my Teachers did in private. Nor did I want to. I couldn't tell you if they were married, Parents, Gay, Straight, whatever. Why should that matter. DeMint said "Openly Gay," which usually means they are telling everyone what that means.

Think about it. "Pete, no one is saying that they want Gay Teachers teaching our kids the in and out of Homosexuality." OK. So do you have a problem if an "Openly Christian" Teacher is teaching a class, when little Johnny puts up his hand and says "Teacher Teacher. Who is Jesus?" Then the Teacher tells him all about Jesus? Or would you be the first one in line calling for the Teacher's head? Saying that the Teacher is attempting to indoctrinate Kids with their Religion? But it's OK if Little Johnny raises his hand and says "Teacher Teacher, what does it mean to be Gay?" Then the Teacher tells him something like, "Well Little Johnny, you know how your Mommy and Daddy have Sex? You learned that in Sex Ed. Well, being Gay means that I have Sex with another of my same Sex." I get what DeMint was saying here.

However, he even apologized for it BACK THEN. I think perhaps he should have clarified what he meant, but he apologized. He said this.

"Sometimes my heart disengages from my head and I say something I shouldn't - and that's what happened yesterday. I clearly said something as a dad that I just shouldn't have said. And I apologize."
I wouldn't have. I would have explained what I meant. I do not have a problem with a Gay Teacher, however, I have problem with them attempting to teach my Kids what is it to be Gay. I want my kids to learn Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. I want my kids learning where Europe is. The TRUE History of the Founding of our Country. Not what their Teacher is doing in their Bedrooms.

He was talking about what some see as the attack on Family Values and the Freedom of Religion. He was talking about how the Public School System in this Country is going away from traditional Values that MOST in this Country still hold to.

So that was 6 years ago. He apologized then. Now 6 years later, the Liberal Kooks are attacking him, in the Defense of a PERVERT that has been INDITED on PORN Charges. THAT is whom they are coming to the aid of here. Think about that. And people wonder WHY Conservatism is on the Rise?

See you Tomorrow for the "From The Email Segment." YES! SG, I WAS a Firefighter. YES! I think this Department should be shut down, or Charges be filed against the Chief and those that participated. Animal Cruelty to say the least. More on this Tomorrow. See you then.

The Washington Post - Jim DeMint criticized for comments on gay and sexually active single teachers

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