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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Not ONE case, no not one, that prove Embryonic Stem Cells do ANYTHING.

Hey folks,

That is NOT the case in other Stem Cell Methods. We keep hearing how we must continue to fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research. That is, create Life, only to destroy it, to "Help" those sick and riddled with disease. Remember, it will help Christopher Reeve walk again, and all that?

The truth is, they have been working with Embryonic Stem Cells for years. Bush banned using YOUR money, Obama lifted the ban, yet some have never stopped. There is NOT ONE CASE, that points to success using Embryonic Stem Cells.

Yet, how about the method of using adult Stem Cells? How about using YOUR OWN? Well, THAT keeps showing incredible progress. According to the UK Telegraph - Stem cells used to save woman's leg By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent Published: 6:30AM BST 30 Sep 2010

Doctors have managed to save a woman's leg after it was broken in a hit-and-run crash, by repairing it with stem cells in a groundbreaking operation.

Diane Stuttard had her lower left leg broken after being hit by a car while she walked home after a night out in 2001.

Both the tibia and fibula were shattered and she faced having the leg amputated after 11 operations.

However, she then contacted Anan Shetty, a leading orthopaedic surgeon, after seeing a Sky News report about him using stem cells to save the leg of a climber.

During her operation, at the private Spire Alexandra Hospital in Chatham, Kent, stem cells from her bone marrow were taken and mixed with a gel called Surgifill, which trapped the cells against the fracture. Within days they started to form healthy new bone, healing the break.

Surgeons also lengthened her leg by cutting into a healthy section of bone, injecting the stem cell mix and using an orthopaedic scaffold to gently pull the bone apart at a rate of almost half an inch (1cm) a month.

Although it is not the first time stem cells have been used in bone reconstruction, it is the first time the combination of stem cells, Surgifill and the leg lengthening technique has been used anywhere in the world.
This is HUGE NEWS! Why is it not all over the place? Why are we reading this only in the Foreign Press? The answer is obvious. More on that in a second.

She told Sky News: "I was advised to have the leg amputated by the surgeon in Leeds, but thankfully I said I wanted to wait until I had exhausted all avenues. I'm glad I did because this stem cell technique has come up and now it's my chance to get it right."

Mr Shetty said: "I am confident the fracture will join up. We managed to cut out all the dead bone and get into bleeding bone, which means that it is healthy. We also managed to use stem cells that will stimulate the bone to grow quicker."

The doctors and patient will have to wait 18 months before they can be sure the leg has healed properly.
OK. Where is Embryonic Stem Cells in this? There are none. So why are we still funding a failed Science and hailing this HUGE jump in REAL Science that is making such advancements? Abortion. Plain and simple.

The Choice people have successfully linked Abortion, AKA, the Woman's "Right" to chose, to Embryonic Stem Cells. By baning Embryonic Stem Cell Research, which again, is the creation of Life for the sole purpose of destroying it, will somehow take away ground from the Choice movement. They want you to believe that if they do not continue to research Embryonic Stem Cells, that somehow this will be an attack on the Women's Right To Chose.

Neither are of course correct. One, they have nothing to do with each other. Two, Embryonic Stem Cells have not shown ANY benefit whatsoever. Three, Abortion IS the Murder of an Innocent Life. There is NO RIGHT to Murder an innocent Child. Sorry. But this is why they are still obsessed with it.

In a sane world, if we have two sides of a field of endeavor, one succeeding beyond expectations and one failing over and over again, we cut funding to the failed one and throw everything we got behind the one that works. But the problem is, the Liberals control this field, and we all know what that means, we are not talking about sanity.

UK Telegraph - Stem cells used to save woman's leg

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