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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sunday Comes Before Monday

This is too funny.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to you. We'll get to the "From the Energy Front Segment" in just a second. I just wanted to share something I got last night. Normally, I would simply ignore this sort of thing. I have already answered it in the past, but this is too funny to me.

"Pete you are a mindless drone. You say liberals lack the ability to think and that they just follow scripts and playbooks. Yet? Rush talked about Rick Sanchez being fired from CNN. It was one of the first things he talked about. He even called him an idiot. Who was your IWA? Rick Sanchez. What did Rush open with? The rally, which was the same as that moron, your hero, Beck. What did you open with on your blog? The rally. So do not tell me liberals can't think for themselves when all you do is mindless repeat Rush. Pathetic."
{Laughing}OK. Yes. You are right. You got me. {Laughing}

Folks, I'm sitting here in utter amazement. I'm looking at a calender. Lets see. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, OH, there's Sunday. Look, right after Sunday, comes Monday. Interesting.

When do I post the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog? Oh yeah, that would be Sunday. Amazing how that works. The Sunday edition is posted SUNDAY. So when does Rush Broadcast to the MILLIONS of Listeners? Monday through Friday. So since we just established that Monday comes AFTER Sunday, or Sunday comes before Monday, whom is copying whom? {Smile}

No I do not think Rush read the Blog and thought, GREAT POINTS, I'll lead with those. I've already talked about this sort of think before. If I look and see a Chicken in the Corner, and you look and see a Chicken in the corner, and another looks over and sees a Chicken in the corner, and we all say "Hey look, there is a Chicken in the corner." No one is coping anyone. We all observed and reported on what we saw.

When I talk about the Mindless Drones in the Mainstream Media, and the Liberals out there that mindlessly repeat whatever they are told to, I'm referring to Word for Word. Like they are following a script. "Political jujitsu." You can't tell me that Reporters from CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, ETC. ALL came up with "Political jujitsu" on their own. Or "Bush was Towel Snapping." Or mindlessly repeating completely FALSE information that is easily discredited. That is what I mean when I say they are mindlessly following a Script. Or that some Liberals out there, lack the ability to think for themselves and apply Logic. If they did, they would see that they are repeating stupidity.

But maybe you're right. I love Rush Limbaugh so much, that I called him and said "Hey Rush, what are you opening with?" He told me, and I ran with it. {Smile} Or maybe, I'm just Psychic and read his mind while he was sleeping. Or maybe, we both think similar. You know, we CARE about right, wrong, and the Insane. We care about this Country. We enjoy educating the ignorant. We, and others like us, DO possess the ability to actually THINK. Who knows, it's a mystery. But I do not that Sunday comes before Monday. Thank you Mr. Calendar. {Laughing}

Be right back with the "From the Energy Front."

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