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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breaking News, People Are Worried About Paying For Homes


Hey folks,

Happy Thursday to you. For ME? It's FRIDAY. Remember, no Friday "From the Emails" this Week. That is why we are doing it today. There will also be no "Big Sunday Edition" this Week. Heading to St. Augustine first thing in the AM and will gone all Weekend. Going to the Haunted Lighthouse, a Jail, and an old School. Then Warehouse 13. Can't wait. Josh is excited to stay home and have a Sleep over with his Aunt and Cousin. But fret not, I will be back here on Tuesday.

So, since it's "Friday," it time to go to the Emails.
"Hey Pete, this should be in your "can't make up" category. I file it under duh. This came to ME under "Break News." All I could do is think really. This is BREAKING NEWS?!?!"
{Laughing} to some in the Liberal Media, and even some in Power, YES.

Here is the Link. The Washington Post - Most Americans worry about ability to pay mortgage or rent, poll finds By Ariana Eunjung Cha and Jon Cohen Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, October 28, 2010; 12:52 AM
A majority of Americans now say they are worried about making their mortgage or rent payments, underscoring the extent of economic anxiety in the country heading into midterm elections.

A new Washington Post poll shows that concerns about housing payments have spiked since 2008 despite some improvements in the overall economy. In all, 53 percent said they are "very concerned" or "somewhat concerned" about having the money to make their monthly payment. Worries are the most intense among those with lower incomes and among African Americans.

The poll results highlight the political challenge facing the Obama administration: Despite committing hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out troubled financial firms, create jobs and keep distressed borrowers in their homes, it has not been able to make many people feel better about their personal situations or even relieve fears about the cost of a need as basic as shelter.
This is Breaking News? Seriously? Poor Obama. Look, the people are not happy. He is trying so hard, by the People just do not get it. They are worried. Look at this quote in this article. I love this.
"Effectively what the consumer is saying is that we don't care what the eggheads say - this still feels like a recession," said Ken Goldstein, an economist with the Conference Board, a private research group.

Indeed, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey on consumer sentiment found that in early October personal financial expectations were near an all-time low and that views about government economic policies had dropped to their lowest level since President Obama took office.

Driving such sentiments are the lingering difficulty of finding jobs in many parts of the country and growing fear that the jobs Americans have now are less secure, analysts said.

"The unemployment rate is still very, very high, so if you think of it as being about the odds of someone losing their job and not being able to find another, there's good reason to be concerned about being able to make mortgage payments," said Karen Dynan, a Brookings Institution scholar who worked as an economist for the Federal Reserve and for President George W. Bush.
They had to find a way to through Bush into this. {Laughing} Why? Is this to say you see, it's Bush's fault? It's NOT. This is all Obama and ALL the Democrats in Congress. The PEOPLE know it. Did you catch the OTHER Poll out there? 76% Know Someone Out of Work and Looking For a Job That's 76 percent of American know someone who WANTS to Work, yet CAN'T find a job. I know someone that was making 15 dollars an hour, was out of work for TWO YEARS, now makes minimum wage. AFTER TWO YEARS.

Folks, this maybe breaking news to the Liberals and the Liberal Media, but it's NOT to REAL Americans. The People. There is NO RECOVERY going on for THEM. This is a direct result of Obama and Crew, and their Liberal Policies. It really is that plain, and that SIMPLE.

You know, I was checking my Emails, scanning the News to see what was out there just FIVE, yes 5 days away from the Elections, and all I see is how the Media and the Liberals, want to "Stop the GOP!" "Stop the Tea Party" "Extremist Senators like DeMint must be stopped." "Obama is under attack by Extremists." Blah, blah, blah. I told you, do not be fooled by all this. Do not be fooled by the MMD telling you it's a tight race, or people like Pelosi saying she will still be Speaker or Biden Predicts Dems Will Hold onto Control of House, Senate Do not be fooled by this nonsensical Panic Reporting. In FIVE days, that's 5 days, do what you KNOW you need to do, VOTE! Unless of course, you want more of the same, do not VOTE for those that got us in this mess. Vote to bring a bit of Sanity and Reason back to Government. VOTE these Idiots OUT!

See you Tuesday folks, have a GREAT Weekend.

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