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Sunday, October 03, 2010

DLA For Sunday 100310

Finally a Democrat that GETS IT.

Hey folks,

Now I understand that he may be referring to the other side benefiting from it. However, he is RIGHT. Instead of simply attempting to down play, or attack the Tea Party, he is actually showing that he GETS IT.

What am I talking about? None other than Democratic N.Y. Governor David Paterson. As reported by - Democratic N.Y. Governor Praises Tea Party Movement

NEW YORK -- New York Gov. David Paterson, unlike many of his Democratic colleagues, says the tea party movement is a good thing.

Paterson says most tea party activists reject the extremist views of some members and that the movement as a whole is making important contributions to democracy.

Although Paterson prefers Democrat Andrew Cuomo over tea party Republican Carl Paladino in the New York governor's race, he says the movement is bringing people who are not interested in government back into the process.
ABSOLUTELY! Now like I said, some of my Liberal Friends say he is referring to this completely idiotic Rally in Washington DC by a bunch of Liberals attempting to rally support for the Loony Liberals that are about to be thrown out of office in a Month or so. They are attempting to spin this to say that his point is that there are more Liberals coming out to counter the Conservatives. Yet. We are seeing more and more people getting involved, not so much due to the Tea Party, yet the Tea Party is a byproduct of the real reason, OBAMA!

ANY Poll out there, including Liberal Polls, show that the MAJORITY, in some cases VAST Majority of this Country are getting involved because of the Liberal Policies that are being shoved down their throats. It is thanks to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, that are the catalyst for the Tea Party.

You see folks, the Tea Party is REAL. Made up of REAL People. White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, ETC. Christians, Jews, Agnostics, ETC. Rich, Poor, and Middle Class. Many are getting into Politics that couldn't have cared less just two years ago. But NOW? Unemployment at all time high, Home Foreclosures more than any other time in History, out of control spending. Things worse than any time in History. The Kooks in power plan? More of the same of what got us here. The American People are finally saying ENOUGH!

So congratulations Gov. David Paterson,regardless of which way you meant it, you are RIGHT. You show the ability to look around, see what is going on, and actually apply Logic to it. You ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, October third, 2010.

Sources: - Democratic N.Y. Governor Praises Tea Party Movement

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