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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Protesters, Slow Rise to Power, or Sign or True Hope?

Hey folks,

As you know I have been watching "Little Hitler"{Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad} for a while now. I’ve point out the similarities between him and the original. I’ve let you know what he has been saying his goal is. I’ve pointed out the fact that there were some in this country and around the world, that chose to ignore the original until it was too late. There are some in this country and around the world that feel the same about this version. I keep warning that we should not wait until it’s too late again.

Still no word if they now recognize the Holocaust as fact yet.

Well I have been having a conversation with one of my new found friends Nikolay. Nikolay is attempting to give me a more in-depth view of the situation and the "Surrender Money" report. It has been a very interesting conversation. On this one point, I truly hope Nikolay is right. "Little Hitler" will not be around too long. There are many that do not agree with him, nor will allow him free reign.

Well, according to CNN last night,

"TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iranian students have staged a rare demonstration against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, setting off firecrackers and burning pictures of him as he delivered a speech at Tehran university, reports said.

Iran's semi-official FARS news agency and a student news Web site reported that a group of students Monday briefly interrupted Ahmadinejad's speech at Amir Kabir University by booing and chanting "Death to the dictator."

A student who attended the speech but did not want to be named confirmed those reports to CNN."

Now of course they are going to downplay this incident,

"But Iran's official state-run news agency, IRNA, said the students "expressed their views in a cordial atmosphere," and chanted "Down with dictators," which was met with agreement by Ahmadinejad, who denounced the "dictatorships" in the United States and Britain.

A spokesman for Ahmadinejad's office downplayed the incident, saying that the students burned some papers but it was not clear if they were pictures of the president, as others reported."

"Little Hitler" continued attacking and placing the blame on the US and Britain. He said,

"A small number of who claim there is suppression here are themselves creating a suppressive atmosphere and will not allow the majority to listen," FARS quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.


"In response to the students slogans of 'Down with Dictators', the president said, 'We have been standing up to dictatorship so that no one will dare to establish dictatorship in a millennium even in the name of freedom.'

"'Given the scars inflicted on the Iranian nation by agents of the U.S. and British dictatorship, no one will ever dare to initiate the rise of a dictator,' the president said."

This one paragraph is interesting as well. You have to realize that Iran is not America. They do not have the "First Amendment",

"On its English-language Web site, IRNA said Ahmadinejad held "sincere talks" with the students and "during the three-hour meeting, representatives of various student groups expressed their views in a cordial atmosphere."

That must have been an interesting meeting.

AP puts it this way,

"Iranian students staged a rare demonstration Monday against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lighting a firecracker and burning his photograph as he delivered a speech at their university, the state news agency reported.

The hard-line leader responded calmly when a small group of students in a crowded hall at Amir Kabir Technical University started chanting "Death to the dictator!" the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

"We have resisted dictatorship for many years — from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution," Ahmadinejad said, according to the agency. "Nobody can bring back a dictatorship even in the name of freedom."

Anti-government protests have been extremely rare since Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005 — even in universities which were once a stronghold of the pro-reform movement. Reformists had already been deeply demoralized before his victory, pushed out of power by hard-liners in Iran's cleric-led government."

So is this a good sign? Could this be proof of the fact that "Little Hitler" is not possible to rise to full power? Or is this just a little hiccup that will be "dealt with." You also have to remember this. A Dictator is not always called a Dictator. Sometimes they are called President. Should be interesting to watch.


CNN- "Students interrupt Iran president"
AP- "Iran students disrupt president's speech"


samspade1120 said...

To tell you the truth I would love to see a followup on these students.

Since what I have read about the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad he has a history of silencing protest and has even removed what he calls extremist teachers from schools.

I have seen other stories saying that "Little Hitler" is facing a growing opposition within his country with many of the citizens in Iran unemployed. The U.S. believes that there is 16% unemployment.

His constant gestures of hate toward the west and others is tearing many apart in the country who just do not want to engage in a war with the west.

If "little Hitler" had any sense he would realize that if he even tries to bomb Israel or goes after the U.S. his country would be in ruins and many of those nations straddling the fence would get involved once it becomes very clear to them that this guy is a bona fide nut and they need to take action.

Sally Rubis said...

Were the Russian people, "the Soviets?" No, they were/are not. Are the Jewish people, "the Zionist machine?" No, they are not. You Sir need to open up your mind that Political Zionism is a secular ideology - they stoop to use religion as it suits them, but they are not and never have been the Jewish people.

Peter said...

Hey Sally, Welcome to the OPN

So you agree with "Little Hitler" that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map?

"Zionist machine" IS an anti-Semitic term, created by those who hate the Jews. To say the Christian "Right", is not talking about Christians? To say Israel is not Jewish is so far removed from reality, it is impossible.

Israel was promised and prophesied about in the Bible. Israel was and is Jewish. The people in Israel ARE Jewish. You cannot attack America, with out attacking Americans. You cannot attack Russia, without attacking Russians. Your example of Soviets, it WAS the Soviet Union. It ceased to exist and just became Russian. Two different times and places.

The Jews have been persecuted from the beginning. the only new thing today is the seemingly growing hatred of the Jews world wide. I truly believe some are HOPING "Little Hitler" get's his wish.

Peter said...

Hey Sam,

I would love a follow up on them too. I wonder how they are feeling today.