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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Credit Goes To The Military

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Hey folks,

MAN! Have I been, uh, admonished? Told I have to give credit to the Men and Women who have worked hard over the past Ten years to bring this about, instead of creating a conspiracy theory. I wish I could post this here. I REALLY do. You would know the Admonisher. However, I did not even ask for permission.

I was also told that we HAVE to give Obama credit. Not for the Kill, but for NOT ending policies and procedures put into place by Bush. That IS what got him. Harsh Interrogations at Gitmo, Wire Taps, The Patriot Act, Troops on the Ground in Iraq, and Afghanistan, ETC.

OK. First, I did say this on Monday. And I quote:

Even if we did get him, the credit goes to our Men and Women in the Armed Forces. Not some Moron that would rather be playing Golf instead of seeing why there is no FEMA in Alabama were the death count reached 345 today.
He was still wearing his Golf shirt in the Situation Room watching the alleged Kill. I not only DO, but I DEMAND, that the full credit goes to the Men and Women serving this Country. Not Obama. Even with all his I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, mys. I DO respect the hard work, and the YEARS put into this to bring about this conclusion. It is a day to celebrate America and those that serve her.

However, I say alleged, because there is no proof. Too man things just do not add up here. First, we got him, no proof. They dump the body instead of bring it home to show the world. We have DNA? Prick my figure, you have my DNA. Doesn't mean I'm dead. The timing has a Wag the Dog feel to it. And as my friend Brian over at Facebook asked:

"Where's The PROOF" we will never know it took two years to get A fake birth certificate. WOW did I just say fake out loud? OOPS
Why are they waiting so long to release the Picture? Can you say Photo Shop? And as Anonymous said on Monday:

Wow, I could not have said it any better. How oblivious to truth our nation has become. Lazy thinkers and trustworthy of those in power. Don't Americans know that those in POWER want to remain in POWER!!.

They will do anything to do so. How convenient that outside the White house there were young impressionable American supporters waving American flags for all the voters to see what a great man Obama is for killing Bin Laden. (Where did all those flags come from so late at night?)

Hm. As the late Mr. Ed Sullivan would say," Tonight folks, we have a Really Big Show."
Where did all those flags come from so late at night? On a Sunday night non-the-less. As I said, there are just too many things that add up to a stink fest.

Now I will say this. It IS believable, the excuse for the Body Dump. They reason is sound with Obama's views on Muslims. The body was washed and quickly buried according to Islamic Law. So this guy who killed 3000 Americans, was HONOURED, with a proper and just Islamic Funeral? {Sigh} THAT IS Obama and Crew folks. That IS totally believable. But the questions remain.

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