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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Third Party Example In NY 26

Real Life reason we do NOT want a Third Party.

Hey folks,

I really didn't have any desire to discuss some Special Election in NY. Do you even know where District 26 in NY IS. What is covers? Do you live there? Does it mean ANYTHING to you who won there? I could not even tell you if I went to NY, if I was IN NY-26 at any given time. I had to look it up. It's up by Rochester and Niagara Falls. Way Upstate. So this Election will effect YOU, HOW?

Lets forget for a second that "Crazy Jack" Davis is a Democrat who spent $2 million dollars of his own money to pass himself off as a "Tea Party Candidate." Yes he is. He is a Democrat that has run two times before as a Democrat. Failed all attempts, but he did. He had no intention of actually winning. He was running this time to GUARANTEE Democrat Kathy Hochul's Win. It worked.

Now I do not care one iota what the Media and the Left have to say about this whole Election was about Paul Ryan and the Republ,,,WAIT, no. The Paul Ryan Healthcare, Medicare, reform proposal. This has nothing to do with the Media distortions on what reforming Medicare will do. This has NOTHING to do with the 2012 NATIONAL Election save this.

WE DO NOT WANT A THIRD PARTY! What NY-26 showed clear as glass, is that a Third Party will do nothing but guarantee a Democrat Victory. I was listening to Talk Radio, yesterday, or the day before, and this guy called up and told the Host, I can't remember the Show, Rush, Tom, whatever, he told the Host that he has a Job, so Unemployment doesn't bother him. He has a house, so Foreclosures do not bother him. He doesn't care about $4.00 a gallon gas. He loves Obama and doesn't think he is doing a bad Job as President because he is Black. I kid you not. HE will Vote Obama in 2012 if his own house was burning down and Obama was standing there with a Match. He just WILL. Those on the Left WILL Vote Left no matter what shape this country is in. No matter how much they may be hurting. THEY WILL VOTE DEMOCRAT, no matter WHO THE DEMOCRAT IS.

Now likewise, there are those on the Right, who, just like those on the Left, WILL VOTE Republican. No matter who the Republican is. RINO, Faux Conservative, ETC. There is only a SMALL Minority that would consider, wasting their Vote to "Prove a point" on a Third Party. Most of those? Yep. They are on or lean Right. So what happens? Well in NY-26? Kathy Hochul D 15,191 48.14% Jane Corwin R 13,337 42.26% Jack Davis 2,724 8.63% Ian Murphy 307 0.97%.

Now look at this closely folks,

Kathy Hochul D 15,191 48.14%
Jane Corwin R 13,337 42.26%

6 points. A 6 point win for the Democrat. Why?

Jack Davis 2,724 8.63%

That's right. The FAKE Tea Party Member, AKA "Third Party Candidate" siphoned off 8% of the Votes from the Republican Jane Corwin, who lost by 6%. Which MEANS of course, the Republican would have WON.

No folks, we Conservatives do NOT want a Third Party. We WANT the Republican Party to return to it's Roots, and become the once great Party it use to be. I also know many on the Left and Many Independents that do not want a Third Party. They want the Once Great Democrat Party back from the Kooks and Liberals that control it today.

Third Parties CHANGE Elections. Whichever way the Third Party Candidate leans, that is who will lose the Election. They will siphon off the Votes from those who are "on their side." A Kook Lefty will take Votes away from the Left, and Kooky Righty, will do the same from the Right. Third Parties just will not work. And it IS, just that simple.

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