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Monday, May 23, 2011

This is a test

Just to see if it is working.

Hey folks,

This is a test. This is ONLY a test. To see if the Blog is working this week.

For those of you who get the Post instantly, as soon as Posted, this is to check to see if formatting, Pictures, and Posting, is actually working. It has not been. Two weeks ago, I could read only. Then, I could Format, space, paragraph, ETC. But Pictures were not working. Then when looking like all was well last week, I tried to post the Big Sunday Edition. I had the IWA done, and tried to Post it, but NOTHING happened when I hit Publish Post.

If this is working FINALLY, We will try to pick up where we left off on Tues. From the Energy Front. If not. I'll try again soon. When I calm down a bit. {Smile}

Yesterday was Laura's Birthday, so I did not even try this past weekend. But I am getting antsy and want to get back to doing what I love to do. That is Write, and spend time with you.

I also have something else I'm looking into. Another Blog. If I decide to go with it, it will be a completely Faith Based Blog. I have been entertaining the though for a while and hoped to have BOTH Blogs here. However, I am having a hard enough time with all the problems they have been having here just hosting the OPNTalk Blog, so I haven't really wanted to attempt to start something New here at this time.

So lets keep our figures crossed and hope this Posts. Thank you all for hanging in there with me. Lets hope the folks at Google and those that host have got all the bugs out. Hope to see you soon.

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