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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cost Of US Health Care Vs The Cost In The World Part Two

Part Two is in.

Hey folks,

On Friday I posted this. OPNTalk - Cost Of US Health Care Vs The Cost In The World I told you about our new friends over at Business Pundit. I advised you about a GREAT Infograph that they put together highlighting US Healthcare costs, vs the Healthcare costs in the rest of the World. I said this.

I can think of TWO reasons right off the top of my head. One, Uninsured. Second, out of control and completely bogus Litigation.
Well I got good news for ya. Part Two is in. You can see the Infograph HERE

The richest and most advanced country in the world, the United States, has fallen behind other nations in providing affordable health care to its citizens. Americans spend $477 billion a year MORE on health care than other advanced countries, which amounts to $1,645 per person every year. Our friends at Medical Billing and Coding put together this graphic to show exactly why we pay so much for health care compared to other wealthy nations.
Turns out I was partly right. According to the Infograph, the reasons are as follows.

We Drink and Smoke too much.
We live longer.
We are Obese.
Lack of Tart Reform.
Lack of Regulation means Providers can charge more.
The Administration Leaders make too much.
Massive Outpatient Costs {41 percent of Healthcare Costs totaling $850 Billion}
Our Doctors are over Paid. {Doctors are Paid 5 x their average Patient}

I believe we could cut a lot of these down with one. Tort Reform. Doctors charge what they do to cover costs of Personal Liability Insurance. Hospitals likewise. Even some cost of Insurance in general might go down with Tart Reform.

Obamacare, or Universal Healthcare, is not the answer. However, the Industry in total, is in need of Reform and Regulations. Also however, in a totally Free Market, where Government is NOT involved, the Free Market would dictate Price. If I can get the Gold plan with ABC, and the same coverage plus, the Platinum Plan with XYZ, for the same price, ABC will have to lower their price or go out of business.

As for the Obesity, Drinking, Smoking, thing. I would through in there Laziness also, that has to be a personal choice and solution. By all means I'm all for Education and Instruction on HOW to live better, but I'm TOTALLY against the Government dictating to me, you, or anyone else, what to eat, not eat, drink, not drink, ETC. I'm all for Education and Instruction on how to Exercise, but I'm TOTALLY against Government Mandated Exercise Programs and monitoring.

These are really usefully and interesting Infographs. Please take the time to clink the Links and check them out. We can do much better in this Country. Starting with the Lawyers, we could make much headway in the right direction. Thanks again Tony.

Be right back.

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Peter said...

I can think of TWO reasons right off the top of my head. One, Uninsured. Second, out of control and completely bogus Litigation.

Forgot #3: The exorbitantly inflated prices of medicines charged the consumer for the sole benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.

And... #4: The utter breakdown of our food system. Processed crap that we call food - packaged corn product that leads to everything from diabetes to heart disease to ADD. This equals sick people.

Lawsuits? Look at the diets of people ANYWHERE else in the world. This is a type of preventative medicine, something that is not practiced here. And look at the profits allowed by Big Pharma everywhere else.

Instead of screwing people who have been harmed, lets educate the public on how to keep you away from the doctor.