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Sunday, May 29, 2011

IWA for Sunday 052911

This guy lives and is loved in HIS World.

Hey folks,

Problem is, his world is based on LIES and DISOR,,,no, I stick with lies. His world is where he does not think. He needs not to. He does not have the ability to apply Logic or Reason to whatever he sees, reads, hears, whatever. He doesn't have the ability to QUESTION things that he is told.

No folks, in his World he actually believes that the Obama Stimulus, not only created Jobs, well, it did in Government, but he believes it created Jobs in the Private Sector, and helped save us from Financial Ruin. Yeah I know. How does he believe this? This is what he is told. His Bosses tell him this. His President tells him this. His Colleagues in the Media tell him. So why doubt it? Why think about it? It must be true.

Yes, in HIS World, American Muslims have no interest in Shariah law. No, they want nothing to do with Islam. {Islam IS Shariah law, and Vice-Versa} But in HIS World They care not for Shariah law. Why? Say it with me. This is what he is told. His Bosses tell him this. His President tells him this. His Colleagues in the Media tell him. So why doubt it? Why think about it? It must be true.

In HIS World, he actually believes that it is a settled issue. Done deal. All Scientists agree, Man-Made Global Warming is REAL and we are all going to die if nothing is done. {Laughing} I know I know. But why does he believe this. Oh, there is no doubt in my mind that he actually believes it.This is what he is told. His Bosses tell him this. His President tells him this. His Colleagues in the Media tell him. So why doubt it? Why think about it? It must be true.

And in his World folks, if YOU do ask questions, if you DO apply Logic and Reason and disagree, YOU must be ignorant. But do not worry. It's not your fault. No, no, no. It's the fault of those you listen to. Yes. YOU are to ignorant to change the channel. You are most likely too busy Praying and Shooting cans of Tree Stumps to go to a REAL News Source like the one HE writes for. You can't help it. You are what makes up the Republican Base. You are the ignorant ones. You are prey to people like Fox News. You probably listen to Talk Radio too. You are too ignorant to understand the Smart People. You know, like Obama and the Liberals out there.

So who is this Idiot? Tim Dickinson. What is this credible and indisputable News Source that he Writes for? Rolling Stone Magazine. {Laughing} I know, I know. He is the smart one. He is the Truth Sayer. If you disagree with him, well, what he is told, then YOU are wrong, and completely stupid.

According to his piece in Rolling Stone. He is AMAZED that, because of Fox News:

"The result of this concerted campaign of disinformation is a viewership that knows almost nothing about what’s going on in the world. According to recent polls, Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of all news consumers. They are 12 percentage points more likely to believe the stimulus package caused job losses, 17 points more likely to believe Muslims want to establish Shariah law in America, 30 points more likely to say that scientists dispute global warming, and 31 points more likely to doubt President Obama’s citizenship. In fact, a study by the University of Maryland reveals, ignorance of Fox viewers actually increases the longer they watch the network. That’s because Ailes isn’t interested in providing people with information, or even a balanced range of perspectives. Like his political mentor, Richard Nixon, Ailes traffics in the emotions of victimization."
OK. Lets look at this. Shall we Timmy? First, the Stimulus DID cause Job Loss. It continues to create Job Loss. Record High, and GROWING Unemployment. Record high and GROWING Foreclosure numbers Yeah the Stimulus DID create new GOVERNMENT JOBS. But it did nothing for the Private Sector. The numbers and FACTS are out there Timmy. Sorry, those that believe that the Stimulus caused Job Losses is RIGHT.

Muslims want Shariah law in America? Ask Little Hitler himself, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He said he will not rest until the ENTIRE WORLD, including The Great Satan, AKA AMERICA, are all under Shariah law. Ask people like bin Laden who have said to America, Convert of Die. Really Timmy? Again, the facts are out there. This IS reality. THIS is TRUE. So those that believe it, are right.

As for the Birth of Obama? I know many, not even just some that watch Fox, still question this. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that it took Two years to produce and no one can actually VERIFY the authenticity, but it matters not. No one can get the past two Years back. I do not know anyone who is seeking to do it. He produced a Certificate. Great. Move on. It doesn't matter now.

So in your World Timmy, you are the one who is living in a bubble. YOU may want to start watching Fox, or better yet, step outside. Look around. Talk to people that are NOT Liberal Kooks. Maybe THEN YOU Sir, may know what is REALLY happening in the World around you. Congrat,,, what? I forgot something? OH. Global Warming. {Sigh}

I guess Timmy didn't get the message. They changed the Name to Climate Change. Why? Because the World is COOLING right now. Remember, I just posted that it is because of the Temperature has dropped 15 to 20 degrees which is what is causing all the Tornadic activity. There are more Scientist today saying that CLIMATE CHANGE IS happening, and it DOES all the time. It's not because of Man, nor Cows Farting, it is Natural. It's Cycles. Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Storms, no Storms, ETC. But to say all Scientists agree that Global Warming is real is just silly. It's wrong on so many levels that I do not know where to start. It's pointless to argue with Timmy on this one because this is what Al Gore told him like, what, two, three years ago?

Congratulations Timmy, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. Live and learn Timmy. Live and Learn.

The Rolling Stone - How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

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