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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Real Life Example, Reality Vs Dream

Solar can NOT stand on it's own.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. Since it is Tuesday, time to check in at the Energy Front. Last week I posted this. OPNTalk - Solar Can NOT Stand On It's Own We talked about how some in the Solar Industry are crying because the see themselves going out of business, unless the Government steps in and gives them more money. I talked about how if it was so good and effective, they would not need Government, the Free Market would make them Millionaires and would put Big Oil out of business. I used the OCAN analogy.

Last week, we were talking about the Business end of it. Well, what about the consumer? What about the people who actually buy into it? They go out and spend the big Chunk of Money to get it going. What about them? According to - Cloudy day for solar homes Incentives that got some Pennsylvanians to commit to alternative energy are quickly disappearing. By Hal Marcovitz
When I converted my Bucks County home to solar power in 2009, I was delighted to learn that utilities in Pennsylvania and elsewhere would pay me for the right to claim the energy produced on my roof as their own. Last year, I earned more than $1,600 selling what are known as alternative-energy credits.

Pennsylvania and other states require utilities to generate a portion of their energy from renewable resources such as sun and wind. Since utilities in the Northeast generally don't maintain large solar or wind farms - as their counterparts in places like Arizona and New Mexico do - they satisfy the requirements by claiming ownership of power produced by rooftop systems.

For home and business owners who shoulder the significant up-front costs of converting to solar power, alternative-energy credits are crucial to making the expense worthwhile.
In other words folks, it is too cost prohibitive for most to even consider, without some kind of benefit given to them by Government, which means YOU. Your Tax Money. You are paying them to TRY this new Alternative Energy Experiment.
But clouds have gathered over the rooftops of Pennsylvania's solar-powered homes and businesses. The state's alternative-energy credit law, adopted in 2004, has fallen woefully out of date. As a result, credits here are selling for a small fraction of what they earn elsewhere.

The state's law set the renewables threshold - the amount of power utilities must generate from sun and wind - very low. The current solar requirement is a paltry 44 megawatts a year. Since the state's solar-system owners are producing more than 80 megawatts a year, it's easy to see why the bottom has fallen out of the market.

Last year, I earned $275 for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours my system produced. But the agent who sells my credits on the market recently told me that he expects to receive no more than $90 or $100 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

When the 2004 law was passed, there were only about 200 homes and businesses powered by solar in Pennsylvania. Now there are more than 3,300. Those of us who have converted have done so out of a commitment to clean energy, to be sure, but the economic incentives matter.
"We did it because we care, but, uh, WE WANT MONEY!! {Laughing} This is not worth our wild if we are not getting top dollar for saving the Earth." Is this NOT what they are saying? They want to make more money for being "Green?" Other area's are paying more. They just want their fair share. Right?
Pennsylvania lags

Congress has provided some generous tax credits for those who convert to solar, and the state provides grants under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program. Together, they can cover nearly two-thirds of the cost of a system. Still, since the typical conversion can cost $30,000 or more, sales of credits remain important.
You read that correctly. The "typical conversion can cost $30,000 or more." Do you have $30,000 laying around to pay to convert your home to Solar? Hey if you make $1600. a Year, it will only take you 18.75 years to break even. But then after that is pure Profit. If it works. Not including Panel Replacements. Storage? ETC. It goes on to talk about how "ridiculously low" Pennsylvania's solar thresholds are, and how many other States are taking more of YOUR money to fund that of which can not stand on it's own. Of course, who is to blame for this? Yup. Big Oil and Coal.

That's right. Pennsylvania doesn't care about the Greenies, that care more about that "Dirty Energy" than those that have made a commitment to Dream Green. The VERY last Sentence says it all.
Only a vigorous alternative-energy market can keep the state's homeowners and businesses investing in solar power.

I want you to think of two things here. First, if we were all going to die because of Global Warming, NOTHING ELSE WOULD MATTER. The WORLD would come together to fight it. To find a solution. To stop it. As I used in the past, an ASTIRIOD is coming. It will hit us. We will all die. NOTHING ELSE WOULD MATTER. Money? It would be spent by EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE to do what ever we could to stop it. Nothing else would matter. Not Jobs, the Economy, not discussions of who will play a bigger part. Not discussion on who to divide all the money. Not projections of 10 to 20 years in the Future. Not agreements to "Talk" more about it in the future. NOTHING would matter more than stopping the Asteroid.

Since we already know Global Warming is a Scam. They even had to change the Name to Climate Change because we are COOLING now. You have to ask yourself WHY. Why is it so predominate. Why are other Countries going along with it? Now think about this.

$30,000 to convert to Solar. {If you are in an area that Solar will work}
$20,000 to convert to Wind. {If you are in an area where Wind will work}
$30,000 to $50,000 to buy an Alternative Vehicle.
$20,000 to replace the batteries in some Solar, and AVs in like 4 to 5 years.

Carbon Credits = Money taken from Individuals and Businesses to Claim Green, Given to others as PURE Profit.

Allowance of Governments to Create Laws restricting Daily Activities of it's Citizens and fines and penalties {Money} going to Governments for non-compliance.

PURELY about Power, control, and all that Money.

Now, solution? There is no Man-Made Global Warming, therefore no reason for ANY of this. There is however, and World that runs on and is OK with Oil and Natural Gas. No one needs incentives to go to the Gas Station. No one needs Incentives to pay their Electric Bill {Some would love them} generated from Coal, Nuclear, and Oil.

So why is it, with more and more Scientists coming out and calling Climate Change what it is, nothing more than natural cycles, taking so long for the SCAM to die? Human Nature. With all that Power, Control, and of course MONEY, floating around out there for people to take, what they feel is there fair share, it is going to take a long time for Reality to overtake the Dream.

OPNTalk - Solar Can NOT Stand On It's Own - Cloudy day for solar homes

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