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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Inexorable March Of Tyranny

As I have been warning you about for the past Few YEARS.

Hey folks,

That's right. I have been telling you, warning you, and talking about the New Liberalism. The fact that the New Liberalism is nothing more than a Quest for Tyranny. I defined the distinct difference between New and Old Liberalism. Old Liberalism is what Conservatism should be all about. It is actually CLOSER to Conservatism than today's Republicanism, in a lot of areas.

I have been using their own words and actions, leading up to the 2008 Election and beyond, to point out CLEAR Examples of what the Quest for Tyranny is all about. What it means is the Death of Freedom, and the whole reason this Country was founded to begin with. Some of you thought, "Never. Not here. This is America." Some of you thought I was nuts. Some of you STILL have some difficulty, even thought it is happening right in front of your eyes, seeing your Country being stolen away from you. Some still can not bring themselves to accepting that we have a President that HATES America, and wants to change it into a Centralized Controlling Government Run, Socialistic, Dictatorship. But just because you are having difficulty grasping that, doesn't change the fact it is what it is.

So when an OPNer out there sent this in, I knew I couldn't wait until Friday. So here it is. It's by Bob Livingston, and it is entitled The Inexorable March Of Tyranny, December 27, 2010

Americans hoped the midterm elections in November would put the brakes on the overreach of the current administration and Congress. However, as I expected, the hubristic arrogant bunch of elected elites that currently contaminate our nation’s capitol have refused to hear the message voters sent them.

To be fair, crying Speaker-to-be — aka Weeper of the House — John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the Republicans have not yet assumed control of Congress, but it’s not going to matter. Government is going to continue to take away what is rightfully yours, regardless of who is “in charge.”

You want evidence? S510, also known at the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed Dec. 19, late on a Sunday, night by unanimous consent. That means that not one Senator — Democrat or Republican — opposed it.

This bill gives unbridled authority of government over our food. Big Brother can now determine who can and who cannot grow, distribute or sell fresh vegetables or meats. It can shut food producers down on a whim, or force them into extinction through over-burdensome paperwork. It will mean the death of small farmers, all to benefit Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and other large producers.

It is so over-reaching that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that government inspectors will be tramping about in your back yard, checking to see what you’re growing and preventing you from canning your own produce.

The bill seemed to die a technical death a couple of weeks ago. But I cautioned then that the bill would be back. That it would be brought back so quickly and so sneakily was a surprise, and a tragic betrayal by Republicans who proved once again that they are not to be trusted with protecting our freedoms.

And the lawless regime of President Barack Obama continues unchecked as well. First, the Federal Communications Commission defied a court order and passed a new set of net neutrality regulations last Tuesday. With these regulations — under the guise of making the sure the Internet is free — the FCC gained control of Internet content.
Obviously, this is what Obama wanted, as the new regulations were proposed by Obama’s FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski.

Never mind that a Federal court earlier this year told the FCC it had no business regulating the Internet. Never mind that Article 1, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution grants all legislative powers to the Congress. Genachowski — dubbed Julius Seizure by The Drudge Report — and two Democrat members of the FCC decided they had authority over the courts and Congress.

These new regulations will have a chilling effect on free speech. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom, and has grown beyond anyone’s imagination since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990s. Since then, billions of dollars have been made and untold thousands of jobs created in the Internet industry — because the government did not interfere with it.

Internet journalists and bloggers have successfully defeated the government’s control over the flow of information. And that is what irks Big Government proponents like Obama… and like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez… and China’s Hu Jintao… and One Worlders like the bigwigs at the United Nations.

The furor over the WikiLeaks revelations demonstrate just how much the elected elites fear the truth and want to control the flow of information. The truth is always one of the first victims of totalitarianism.

The new FCC regulations “fix” a problem that doesn’t exist. As The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, just after the FCC acted, “The FCC’s action ‘is not motivated by a tangible competitive harm or market failure,’ said Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, a Republican, who said she couldn’t support the rule because the agency was intervening to regulate the Internet ‘because it wants to, not because it needs to.’”

Likewise, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency — yet another unConstitutional arm of the government — now says it will regulate emissions from fossil fuel power plants by 2011 and petroleum refineries by 2012 since a climate bill failed in the Congress. This is yet another unConstitutional act by an agency populated with radical Leftist progressives.

The Transportation Security Administration continues its power grab — sexually assaulting our wives and children and ogling their naked pictures in the name of safety. But now, not only are airline passengers considered terrorists until they are squeezed, groped and irradiated to the satisfaction of an overpaid TSA dolt, now bus and train passengers are being victimized.

And the Department of Homeland Security has many more plans for Americans in the name of safety — plans that strip us of our rights supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution.

In Oklahoma, regulators from the Federal Reserve ordered a bank to remove a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say “Merry Christmas, God With Us,” saying they were inappropriate.

This is not a public building, mind you, but a privately-owned bank. The order by the Fed, which of course is not a Federal institution, is a clear violation of the bank owner’s and the tellers’ 1st Amendment rights.

Americans are coming to realize that their greatest enemy is not al-Qaida, a manufactured and U.S. government-inspired and funded enemy. The greatest enemy they face resides in Washington, walking the halls of Congress, the White House and Federal buildings across the country.

There are those who lean Right who blame the Left. There are those who lean Left who blame the Right. The blame rightfully falls on both, for it is both sides that answer to Big Brother and do his bidding. It is both sides that have supported Orwellian laws and regulations that steal your property, your wealth your personhood and your ability to choose.

It is both sides that bow to the altar of Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Food and Big Union, all to the detriment of the populace. It is both sides that are supporting and even proposing policies and regulations that destroy the middle class and small business and drive jobs overseas.

And it is Americans themselves who are to blame. They slept while Congress, Presidents and the Federal judiciary acted contrary to the interests of the American people. And when they finally awoke they asked that Congress work together — compromise — and reach a bi-partisan agreement; never realizing that when liberty and tyranny compromise, more liberty is lost.
Brilliant. Just Brilliant. Yet even more evidence that the Left ARE on a quest for Tyranny. I know, I know, Bush opened the door. I've said that many times. Homeland Security is expanding into a tool for the Regime. Where are all those upset back when they were just Wiretapping? The Bush Bailouts? Obama took that one and ran with it. This 111 Congress has spent more than the first 100 combined. We have no new use of our Natural Resources, which DOES effect the Economy. Oppressive Taxation and Regulation all over the place, with more promised to come. Take over of Private Industries and the intentional driving out of Business, Private Industries. Look around folks. The USSA is on the way. Time to change directions, and FAST.

Now a message to those who have yet to take control. LISTEN to the PEOPLE. HEAR what we are saying. STOP the Liberal agenda, in ANY form it takes, by ANY means necessary. We do not want Bipartisanship if Bipartisanship means helping those to destroy the Country we so dearly love. We want them STOPPED. Not met half way. Stop THINKING you know what the People want, and start LISTENING to the People. You have the ability to STOP this quest for Tyranny in it's tracks. Do the RIGHT thing, and I assure you, help is on the way in 2012. Do the wrong thing, and I guess we will have to start all over, after we throw YOU out.

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