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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Bush Tax Cut Lie

OK. All of them.

Hey folks,

Yes. Extending the "Bush Tax Cuts" is GREAT for ALL Americans. Even the most Liberal of Economists say that it WILL Stimulate the Economy, Create Jobs, and will do more good than even first thought. Well, by THEM.

So? What's the problem? The Standard Liberal Playbook. Rich are Evil. It's not fair. The Rich should not have all that money, while others are fighting to pay their $100.00 Electric Bill. That is the Reality. That is what, ALL, that is going on here. Class Envy. Class Warfare.

The Liberals know that most, right, wrong, or indifferent, despise the Rich. So they USE that to attempt to FOOL those folks into believing that THEY are going to level the playing field. They are going to knock them down for size. They will take their money and they will give it to THEM.

Other than the simple fact that STEALING any one's money for any reason, call it whatever you will, Oppressive Taxation, Redistribution of Wealth, "Fairness," call it what you chose, is not only immoral, but it IS Illegal. I know, I know, its disguised as Taxation. The Government needs to Tax you to have the ability to run. They have NO money of their own. All the money they have comes from YOU.

So now that the tax RATE, is set to expire and go up on EVERYONE, we have this big Political fight. Let's set some things straight that REALLY bother me.

First, NO ONE IS GETTING TAX CUTS. The Rates are simply NOT going up. No one is getting a TAX CUT where they will pay less than they did last year, the year before, or since the Bush Tax RATE Reduction. No one will pay LESS. No Tax Cuts.

Second, the money doesn't exist. It doesn't now, didn't last year, the year before, nor since the Bush Tax RATE Reduction. It's not REAL. It's not there for the Government to use, nor for them to give away, nor for them to figure into the equation. It is not REAL.

Let me try it this way. You have a budget. We all do. Some of us are better at budgeting than others. You make whatever you make. You have to figure out Mortgage / Rent, Electric, Car, Phone, Food, Entertainment, Taxes, ETC. So you come up with a Monthly / Weekly Budget. You have X Amount to spend.

Here I come. I tell you, "Hey, how would you like an extra $100,000 a year?" You say, GREAT! I would love it. So would I. But you do not have it. It's NOT REAL. It doesn't exist. Now you Budget WITH that extra $100,000 a year. You break it down to Weekly, and you start spending like you have it. Even though you do not.

What happens? You guessed it. You get into a hole. You get in trouble and upside down. Then you start projecting out, if you do not get this Extra $100,000 a year, in Ten Years, you will be in a Hole for a Million Bucks. One Million in Debt. Why? Because you have accepted that this $100,000 is YOURS. And by me not giving it to you, some how this is MY fault and I'm evil because I'm not giving you the money that was never yours to begin with, and that you should have never figured into the equation.

So every time you hear, "the Bush Tax Cuts extension to the Rich will cost the Government anywhere from $458 Billion, to $600 Billion," you should understand that it's simply not true. It doesn't exist. It's NOT REAL.

If only the Government would Budget like the rest of the REAL World, we would be sure to have a surplus that you would not believe. But Obama and Crew are not just spending $600 Billion they are not entitled to nor have, they continue to spend money they do not have and are not entitled to. This is why we went from the Bush Deficient of $458.6 billion, to Obama's of multiple TRILLIONS and counting. That's more Boys and Girls than Bush. It's NOT Bush's fault. Even if you throw in there the 700 Billion Stim 1.

So lets forget all the Class Warfare stuff. Especially when you realize most of those engaging in it are Millionaires. Lets stop calling it Tax Cuts. And Lets stop saying that it will add to the Deficit. It can only add to the Deficit if we count what was never there to begin with.

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