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Saturday, April 07, 2012

OPNTalk Blog New Home

Hey folks, Maybe appropriate that it's April. 6 years ago in April, I started this Blog. 3115 Posts and 6 years later, I must start anew. This is due to an upgrade to Google Chrome that Blogger has switched to. This Blog is no longer compatable so I have begun a new one. The All New OPNTalk 2 has been created HERE. You will still be able to stop by here for the Vast Archvives and to share Articles from the past Six Years. The Email is the same. The posts will still be the same from me. The Tuesday Energy Front, Friday Emails, and of course the Big Sunday Edition. Look foward to seeing you there. Thank you for the years of support here, and look forward to years more to come at the New OPNTalk2 Blog. Happy Easter, and Happy Passover to you. See you there. Peter

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