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Sunday, April 01, 2012

IWA For Sunday 040112

Rhetoric like this, causes more harm than good.

Hey folks,

In what turned into being a Trayvon Martin day here at the OPNTalk Blog, much to my chagrin, we wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. Now I have often asked over the years, when it comes to Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, Reverends of WHAT? Where are their Churches? Where do they Preach? What do they Preach? Well, we know WHAT they Preach. Hate and division for Profit and Fame. But Seriously, Reverends of WHAT?

What is the Definition of Reverend? rev·er·end/ˈrev(ə)rənd/
Adjective: Used as a title or form of address to members of the clergy.


A clergyman, priest, minister

adjective. venerable - honourable - honorable - worshipful

So if used as a title or form of address to members of the Clergy? What Church? What faith? What are the teachings? Where are the Followers? If an attempt to be seen as Honourable? Why? Why should we Honour someone because they CHOOSE to add the "title" of Reverend to their name? Did you know, and this is true, I could become a Reverend Online for a small fee in about 15 minutes? That's right. I would then be the Legal Definition of a Reverend. I can Marry. I can absolve of Sins. I can be Tax Exempt. I'm not kidding.

So we have two guys, in this case, I want to focus on ONE, who calls himself a Reverend. I thought Reverends we suppose to bring people together and teach about God, Sin, and Faith. But all this Reverend, of whom I will never refer to again as such, does is create strive and division while getting Famous and Rich from doing so. That's it. He exploits his own people and they, well, some, prop him up on this Pedestal and give him what he seeks.

None of this is new. Anytime a Black Person is "a Victim of Injustice" real or imagined, he jumps into the fray, stirs things up. He then collects his 15 minutes and Money, and goes home. Or goes and Fathers another Baby. But in this case, he crossed the line. In this case, he is actually calling for the Crucifixion of a fellow Citizen. He is calling for the Murder of a Person who, agreed of not, has not been arrested, Tried in Court, and found Guilty of a Crime. In this Country, we are INNOCENT until Proven Guilty. This Idiot is calling for him to be MURDERED. Not that most of you know this. NO ONE is reporting this. But he said it. He said....

"This is Easter time, you don't have to be guilty to be crucified. We come more than asking for him to be arrested today"
Now to be fair, he went on to say this...

"I ask we join hands together to repeal this law."
So if it HAD been reported, which it wasn't, he would have just said, "I was talking about repealing the Law." but it is CLEAR what he was saying. Here, again....

"This is Easter time, you don't have to be guilty to be crucified. We come more than asking for him to be arrested today"
As a Christian, I find this offensive Jesse Jackson. Are you going to Protest yourself? Maybe another FALSE Rev. Your Brother in Solidarity Sharpton will take up my cause? Yeah, I know, don't hold my breath right?

Congratulations Jesse, you are no doubt, the Idiot of the Week. You are no doubt, in the running, for Idiot of the Year. At least the top Five. To call for the execution, the Crucifixion, of a fellow Citizen, using the Crucifixion of Christ as an example? You are actually more Stupid than I originally thought. I will no longer, even in jest, address you as Reverend. You should have never held that Title to begin with. I hold YOU accountable for the death of innocent people, based solely on the Color of their Skin. YOU are creating a situation here that HAS already escalade to Violence all over the Country. YOU did it. YOU and Al, another I will never again address as Reverend. YOU are to Blame you Moron. You are to a Reverend what Satin is to God. And it really is, just that simple.

Have a great rest of Weekend folks. I'm off to Birthday Party two, and the Thing I have later. See you soon.

Global Grind

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