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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Eggs, Yolks and All, Are As Good For You As Apples

Eggs and Coffee? I should live long and have a sound mind.

Hey folks,

For years there has basically been two groups. Those that HATE Coffee, and tell you, you will DIE, or become sick, if you drink it. Another that says Coffee is good, and has many Health Benefits. I prefer to agree with the latter.

For years we have also been told that the Whites of the Egg we love so much are OK, but you better not eat the Yolks. They are EVIL and will raise your Cholesterol, and increase your risk of Heart Disease. They have Products out there that even take all the work away from you. You can buy Egg Whites only. You can order Egg White Omelets. I know people who do. As for me? I love the Yolk. I love ordering Sunny Side Up or Over Easy nine out of ten times I eat Breakfast out. I MAKE Sunny Side Up Eggs and Hard Boiled Eggs all the time.

So seems that all those years of people skipping the Yolk, was wasted. Not only is the Yolk NOT bad for you, seems that a whole cooked Egg is actually as Healthy for you as an Apple. Yup. An Apple. Are you buying this? According to Shine - Are Egg Whites Healthier Than Whole Eggs? By Details Magazine Posts By Details Magazine | Healthy Living – Thu, Mar 29, 2012 2:21 PM EDT by Mike Dawson. I love the way he wrote this, by the way.

The yolk has been the enemy of breakfast for years-but no more, my egg-white-omelet-ordering friends.

Like most of you, I ditched the yolk thinking I was lowering my cholesterol, helping my ticker, and staying lean. But it turns out those yellow-less free-ranges were doing more harm than good. Here are three reasons to go for yolk (boo!) when you eat eggs.

First, assuming you are not obese, eat relatively well, and work out at least a little, a few or more whole eggs a week aren't going to lift your bad cholesterol levels.

Second, whole eggs are packed with protein, good fats, vitamins, and nutrients that have been proven to help boost your brain. Some studies suggest they may even guard against dementia.
Hey, so does Coffee. Eggs and Coffee? I should live long and have a sound mind.

Third, last year a study at the University of Alberta, home to one of the world's leading food-science programs, discovered that cooked whole eggs, yolk and all, are equal to apples in their antioxidant potency, and these robust antioxidant properties may actually help ward off heart disease and cancer.

Time to rethink that brunch order, buddy.
{Laughing} So have at it my Friends. Order those Eggs, yolks and all, a big cup of Coffee, and enjoy. You are doing your body and apparently Mind good. Be right back.

Shine - Are Egg Whites Healthier Than Whole Eggs?

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