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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blogger Posting Problems Persist

They Promise that they are working on it. Hey folks, The folks over at, are working on the problems. Here is the latest message from Google Employee, The Blogger Team member Brett.

Thanks for your patience as we investigate the different issues in this thread. We've identified a few different bugs relating to spacing and line breaks, and are working to get them resolved ASAP.

In the meantime, if you want to submit your issue to us as feedback, we're collecting all known problems related to the new post editor in the following the form:

Thanks, -brett

Well, I did send it in. Along with my Email and url. Just waiting to hear. So in the mean time, I'll be catching up on Family time. Trip this Weekend. Bush Gardens Friday. Thomas Saturday. Look for the new Photos soon on Facebook. Hope to return HERE soon. Until then, be well, safe, and happy. See you soon. Peter


Anon said...

Blogger, YouTube and Google no longer work. Sell your shares in Google.

Kevin said...

my problem is that my post are being seperated from the main page...everytime i post something it shows up seperated from my other posts instead of a group of 7-10 in a row before switching to the next page...does anyone know how to fix it ..i tried searchign the setting but with no luck