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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All This and Iran Too

Hey folks,

{Sigh} Yes, we have yet another Republican caught up in a sex scandal. What is it with Republicans and kinky or weird sex? From sexually explicit emails to underage, same sex interns, to looking for sex in public restrooms? Sen. Larry Craig, just like Foley, should resign.

But THIS is all you will most likely hear about for the next few days, in between attacking the President on Iraq that is. Here’s my take on this. Really quick, then we move on. According to the AP -Craig says 'I am not gay,' did no wrong By TODD DVORAK, Associated Press Writer

A defiant Sen. Larry Craig denied any wrongdoing Tuesday despite his guilty plea this summer in a men's room police sting, emphatically adding, "I am not gay. I have never been gay."

Why were you playing footsy with a guy in another stall? If you did nothing wrong, then why plead GUILTY?

From what we can see so far, he got caught. He should resign. Plain and simple. Unlike Democrats that get caught doing things that are illegal, immoral, or just plain wrong, getting a free pass from the Mass Media, and staying in power, he probably WILL resign or be forced out. OK, enough of that.

Have you noticed a full court press by the press and the LWL against President Bush on Iraq? Just in the little box on the front page of one of my search engines?

AP-U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,731
Reuters -The price of a pizza in Iraq: an eye and a leg
US News and World Report -A Sobering Outlook on Iraq
Washington Post -U.S. Falters In Bid to Boost Iraqi Business

Traitor and LWL member Pelosi said this.

"The President's assertion that his escalation has been fully operational for two and a half months misses the point. American men and women have been fighting and dying in Iraq for nearly four and a half years. After all that time, and despite the 30,000 additional troops the President added this year, the new National Intelligence Estimate concludes that security improvements have been 'uneven' and that the level of overall violence in Iraq 'remains high.' In fact, the death toll from sectarian attacks is double last year's level, according to news reports. The purpose of the surge was to provide the Iraqis 'breathing room' for political reconciliation -- and the Maliki government has utterly failed.

Rather than reducing the threat of terrorism and promoting stability in the Middle East, the President's Iraq policy is making each worse. Until that policy is changed, the dire risks described by the President will not diminish.

The President's speech comes on a day when thousands of Americans are participating in town hall meetings and candlelight vigils across the country to demand a new direction in Iraq. It is time to begin a responsible redeployment to bring our troops home safely."

Blah, blah, blah. Howard Dean said this.

"President Bush couldn't be more wrong. Last week, our own intelligence agencies reported that after Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq six months ago, violence remains high, sectarian conflict is raging, and the Iraqi government is failing to make political progress. American troops are doing their jobs honorably but it's up to the Iraqis, not the U.S. military, to achieve political progress in Iraq.

"The fact of the matter is the war in Iraq has diverted attention from the real war on terror, making America less safe and giving Al Qaeda time to rebuild. It is time for President Bush and his Republican allies to take a hard look at the situation in Iraq, listen to the will of the American people, and change course. But if they refuse to do so, electing a Democratic President next year will be the only way to end the Republicans' failed Iraq policy."

Let’s see, the surge is working. Even Supreme Leader Wannabe Hillary admits that. Everyone that goes there and comes back, HAS to admit that. Now this past Sunday, they had MAJOR Political progress made, with the potential of even more coming soon. NOTHING but good news and great things happening. SO?

The LWL and their accomplices, the Mass Media Drones have been forced to step up their attacks on President Bush, and step up their campaign to convince you that the war is lost and that we cannot win, Iraq is a lost cause and we just need to leave. All they really do is sound pathetic.

So with all this good happening, in the middle of us WINNING in Iraq, the LWL and MMD either ignoring it, or coming right out and lying about it, another ally of their’s is sitting back and watching. As a matter of fact, HE is stepping up now to “help.”

According to the AP-Iran ready to fill any vacuum in Iraq By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boldly declared Tuesday that U.S. political influence in Iraq is "collapsing rapidly" and said his government is ready to help fill any power vacuum.

OF course he is. I’ve been telling you that for a long time now. He WANTS Iraq. Some in this country want to GIVE it to him.

The hard-line leader also defended Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a fellow Shiite Muslim who has been harshly criticized by American politicians for his unsuccessful efforts to reconcile Iraq's Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

"The political power of the occupiers is collapsing rapidly," Ahmadinejad said at a news conference, referring to U.S. troops in Iraq. "Soon, we will see a huge power vacuum in the region. Of course, we are prepared to fill the gap, with the help of neighbors and regional friends like Saudi Arabia, and with the help of the Iraqi nation."

What he is saying? “You hate Bush, I hate Bush. You do your part and pull the American troops out and I will take care of Iraq. You get your political victory over the devil {Bush} and I get Iraq. It’s a win, win, for everyone.” What he is REALLY saying. “I hate you too. Just get out. I will take over Iraq. I will increase my power and numbers. Later, I will kill you along with the Republicans and all the rest of the evil Americans. I will start with controlling your precious oil, then I will just bomb you as soon as I can.”

Ahmadinejad did not elaborate on his remarks, an unusual declaration of Iran's interest in influencing its neighbor's future. The mention of a Saudi role appeared aimed at allaying the fears of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Muslim nations that Iran wants to dominate in Iraq. Even though Saudi Arabia and Iran have not cooperated in the past, it "doesn't mean it can't happen," Ahmadinejad said.

Iran fought a brutal eight-year war with Saddam Hussein's regime and welcomed the elimination of a deeply hated enemy. But Iran also strongly objects to the presence of America, another rival, over its eastern and western borders in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Occupation is the root of all problems in Iraq," Ahmadinejad said. "It has become clear that occupiers are not able to resolve regional issues."

President Bush defended the Iraq war in a speech at the American Legion's national convention and accused Iran of violating human rights and trying to destabilize Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider region.

"Iran is sending arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan to be used to attack American and NATO troops," Bush said. "Iran has arrested visiting American scholars who have committed no crimes and impose no threat to their regime. And Iran's active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust. Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere."

Yet, the LWL would gladly hand him Iraq, if it means they can secure an American loss. They do not care about Iraq, it’s people, or the very bloody future both there and here. They will simply blame Bush for it. Even though the blood will be CLEARLY on THEIR hands.

Bush and the U.S. ambassador in Iraq have given blunt assessments of political stagnation in Baghdad, and Bush has said it is up to the Iraqi people to decide if their government deserved to be replaced.

But key Democratic politicians, including Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, have called for al-Maliki to be replaced because his Shiite-dominated government has been unable to forge national unity.

Al-Maliki has shrugged off the gloomy assessments of Iraq's future, saying he would "pay no attention" to American critics and if necessary "find friends elsewhere."

"They rudely say (the Iraqi) prime minister and the constitution must change," Ahmadinejad said of U.S. critics. "Who are you? Who has given you the right" to ask for such a change, he added.

On this, we agree.

Ousting al-Maliki, a longtime Shiite political activist, would require a majority vote in the 275-member Iraqi parliament. As long as the Kurdish parties and the main Shiite bloc back al-Maliki, his opponents lack the votes for that.

But do you see what they, the LWL, is doing? They are attempting to do there what they are doing here. Divide the country. Turn Iraqis against their own Prime Minister. Convince them he is a failure and that he needs to leave. He called them out on it. It is not their job to run this country, it’s the Presidents job. It sure as hell is not their job to run Iraq.

In a move that could further strain U.S.-Iranian relations, U.S. troops raided a Baghdad hotel Tuesday night and detained about 10 people, including six whom a U.S.-funded radio station described as members of an Iranian delegation visiting to negotiate contracts with the Iraqis.

The Iranian Embassy said seven Iranians — an embassy employee and six members of a delegation from Iran's Electricity Ministry — were staying at the Sheraton Ishtar Hotel.

Iran has been vehemently protesting the detention of five Iranians by U.S. troops in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil in January. U.S. authorities have said the five included the operations chief and other members of Iran's elite Quds Force, which is accused of arming and training Iraqi militants.

Iran describes the five, who remain in U.S. custody, as diplomats.

Washington has accused Tehran of being behind attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq — a claim al-Maliki's government has only partially backed, saying Iran could have a role in the attacks. Iran has denied the charges.

Of course they are.

Ahmadinejad dismissed the possibility of any U.S. military action against Iran, saying Washington has no plan and is not in a position to take such action.

As Ahmadinejad spoke, fighting between rival Shiite factions in southern Iraq raised new fears that a pullout by British troops there could lead to chaos. The clashes appeared to be part of a struggle for power of southern Iraqi Shia heartland, which includes the bulk of the country's vast oil wealth.

Folks, it really is simple. Little Hitler is rising. We are appeasing him, and even worse than the original, some in this country WANT to GIVE him more power. They are either too ignorant to be in power, or they are truly that obsessed with getting Bush, they do not care. Either way, remember this in 08. I cannot emphasize this enough. America itself could very well be at stake here.

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